“Bubbling with Energy was a magnet for children at the One Fine Baby Show” – Event Organiser Nadean 

The One Fine Baby event is an exhibition of products and services. All these for parents of newborns, toddlers, and young children. Bubbling With Energy Entertainment is one of them.
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The huge factory doors opened to several tired individuals for ‘bump in’ around 7 AM. We geared up to assemble weekend stalls. Everyone made them as attractive as possible for all shoppers! Despite the majority of tired individuals, the Bubbling team was quite the opposite! Being accustomed to 4 AM starts, a 7 AM start has been another walk in the park. Here’s our setup:
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It’s surrounded by branded fencing to ensure the safety of the children. To showcase the variety of sizes we have to offer, we also installed two jumping castles with us. The small blue one is the Under the Sea Mini Jumping Castle. The brown larger one is our 5 in 1 ‘Wizard’ Jumping Castle. Hundreds of children enjoyed our jumping castles over the weekend. In addition, our stand is receiving one of the highest footfalls.


 “Bubbling with Energy was a magnet for children at the One Fine Baby Show” – Event Organiser Nadean


In addition, we had a successful weekend collecting over 200 email addresses as a result. We have given them a chance to win a $200 gift voucher they can use with us at Bubbling With Energy Entertainment.

Henry at Bubbling With Energy had to say:

“It was great to be able to meet with new potential customers. Having the castles and banners there was excellent for showcasing our name further for our backyard parties. Post-show and we’ve already had a great response from the customers!” – Marketing Manager, Bubbling With Energy Entertainment.

If you want to spice up a backyard party or corporate event, jump onto our website. We have over 150 Jumping Castles and a variety of entertainment goods. Seems like we can help you with awesome event ideas!

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