Get Some Christmas Party planning ideas from Bubbling With Energy Entertainment!

The most anticipated time of the year is looming! If you have not started planning your work Christmas party yet, now is the time. The festivities are less than a couple of months away. You might want to start booking everything in. But hurry! Other organizations are doing it too. Don’t leave it till the last minute to book your food, drinks or venue. Get some awesome Christmas party planning ideas here!

The earlier you begin preparation for your Christmas event, the more pitfalls you can avoid. Plan now and avoid these mini-disasters:

  • Last-minute stress
  • Christmas Party in the office
  • Boring Entertainment
  • Poor food and drink quality


Now that you have that sense of urgency to begin planning, it’s time to consider whether your event will feature Santa and his Reindeers or perhaps an inflatable North Pole for the kids. You can add roaming elves for an entertainment option as well! It’s time to get creative and make the most out of the celebration.

Get started with your Christmas party planning! Here are five popular and fun event ideas for your Christmas party:

  1. Family Fun Day 

Family Fun Days are a fantastic way to appreciate the support that families make to your employees. It’s the best reward for their commitment to the company throughout the year.

Some of the fundamental aspects when planning family fun days are catering for all ages. Entertainment for children and adults is essential. Any equipment or infrastructure to bring in will have to be considered. Equipment such as jumping castles, stunt jump, or even inflatable water slides is extremely fun!

  1. Team Building Events 

A team building activity day followed by a picnic or barbecue out of the office can create great laughter and fun for all working colleagues. A Christmas-themed team building can be will improve working relationships. These events can even be designed to have a charity outcome.

  1. Luxury Retreat

If it has been a successful year for a trade! Why not reward the entire workforce with a weekend getaway as a team? Take in golf, wine-tasting, team dinners and yoga classes. This will not only relax the workforce, but the employees will feel more valued. This will drive them to continue working hard for the following year.

  1. Unique Experience

So you’ve done the barbecues, the fun days out and the regular dinners. Right now, you’d probably want to wow your employees and have a Christmas party that is different to anything they have ever done before! Consider what may be a different way to experience Sydney. It could be a boat cruise around the harbor to enjoy dinner, a firework display or climbing the harbor bridge. Another idea could be balloon riding at sunrise or even jet boating around the harbor. These ideas require a typically larger budget. It’s best suited to smaller workforces.

  1. Cocktail Christmas Party

Never underestimate an impromptu Christmas party. Somewhere local that is within a great distance for all employees to attend! There are a bunch of creative ways to turn a simple cocktail venue into a party so everyone can enjoy themselves. Add a DJ, band or even a karaoke machine! Think about a delicious catering, perhaps a theme such as fancy dress. You can add yearly awards and some fun and all-inclusive games. Remember to book venues early to avoid having the Christmas party at your work office. No employee wants this.

These are just a few Christmas party ideas to get you started. At the end of the day, it comes down to choosing a party that meets your budget, associates with the company culture and is suitable for the entire workforce.

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