Find the right Jumping Castle for your kid’s birthday party.

We can help you find the right jumping castle for your birthday party needs! You can search a number of keywords. The main ones are Jumping Castles Sydney, Jumping Castle Hire Sydney, Mini Jumping Castles with a slide and Jumping Castle Combo Sydney.

From your search, consider the season. For example, in Summer we recommend our Jump N Splash Combo, Slide N Splash or Giant Water Slides. Whereas in winter, we suggest a Disney Princess 3D 5 in 1 Combo for a girl’s party and a Cars C4 Jumping Castle Combo for a boy’s party.

For a more generic jumping castle, see our brand new toy story combo and world of Disney combo jumping castles.

When choosing a Jumping Castle to hire in Sydney, these are the things you need to consider:
  • Was your call or email answered immediately?
  • Do their jumping castles come with shower covers? Many of our jumping castles come with a specially made yellow shower cover. This keeps the showery weather away. These shower covers prevent most of the water from getting inside of the castle but rather dripping down the sides.
  • Do they have Public Liability Insurance?
  • Did you receive Terms and Conditions and an invoice when you booked?
  • Do they have Safety Guidelines?
  • Do they have Risk Assessments?
  • Are they a member of the Australian Amusement Association?
  • Are they actually on Facebook? In addition, it is a good idea to connect to their Facebook as you can receive updates from them on specials. In our case, there are competitions we offer during the year.
  • Do they do jumping castle hire Sydney wide or just in their local area?
  • Are there additional charges? We always have our price list for all our products (Entertainers, Jumping Castles, Jumping Castle Combos, Slides, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses) listed on our homepage in the pricing tab.
  • Check the quality of the jumping castles they supply. You can ask us about the quality of our castles. We also supply from manufacturers all over the world.
  • Check their testimonials. We only place testimonials on our website from clients who have hired from us.
  • Do their jumping castles comply with Australia’s Standard 3533?

(See our AS3533 WorkCover Info Sheet)

  • Do they maintain their jumping castles? All our jumping castles hired in Sydney are checked and maintained each week. It’s done by our permanent sewing machinist so we can supply the safest of jumping castles. Many of the Sydney jumping castles hire companies come to us for repairs. Once you book with us for your event or birthday party, be assured that we will supply something fun! Over 30,000 clients can’t be wrong.
Use large companies who have a wide range of jumping castles.

If any of our jumping castles, slides or obstacle courses have a problem, we can usually swap or offer another available jumping castle. There are many Sydney jumping castle businesses that have a limited range and no options to cover problems.