Remove Temporary Tattoos: How To’s

After a big two weeks of temporary tattoos at Macarthur Square these school holidays, a lot of you will be wondering how to get the tattoos off once they start looking a little patchy.

Temporary tattoos are great for a costume party or any night you may want to get a tattoo without the real commitment.  Whatever your reason for putting a temporary tattoo on, at some point, it will start to peel and you’ll want to remove it. The one issue with temporary tattoos is they can be somewhat of a challenge to remove.


There are many ways you can take them off with little effort and expense. Here are some:

  • Alcohol

Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol (methylated spirits) on the tattoo and rub gently with a towel. Re-apply small amounts of alcohol to clean the skin.

  • Moisturiser or Baby Oil

Keep in mind that most temporary tattoos are able to stand up to water and soap. Oil is the best way to go if you want to scrub a temporary tattoo off. Spread moisturizer or baby oil on the skin. Gently massage the tattoo. It will loosen the glue’s grip to the skin. Continue to massage for one to three minutes. Use a towel or tissue to wipe off. 

  • Baby wipes, Medi-Swabs

The majority of temporary tattoos are designed to withstand coming in contact with water. To remove the temporary tattoo more easily, scrub at the tattoo so that it begins to flake off of your skin. You may need to wet the wipes again or get new wipes, depending on how large your temporary tattoo is.

  • Soap and Warm Water

Like the old days, soap and water will do the trick for just about anything. You know what to do.

Just make sure you keep every chemical that you use away from your eyes and mouth. Avoid harmful ingestion.