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High School Team Building – Why Is It Important?

High school team building is a must! Year 11 can be a stressful time and this calls for something fun for everyone. The impending pressure of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) is firmly on their minds. These students will soon be competing against their peers to achieve the highest rank in their subjects to achieve their ideal ATAR. Although this may come across as an individual effort, teachers will remind them the strength of their cohort does give them a great advantage through the moderation system for internal marks.

There are many opportunities for fostering cooperation and sharing. Building a strong team environment amongst students is a great way to:

  • Support amongst peers who may be stressed.
  • Create an environment where students are free to express themselves.
  • Encourage communication amongst students.
  • Solve any conflicts amongst students.
  • Provide fun. It seems simple, but taking students’ minds off the daunting nature of their exams can build a strong team environment.
  • Reinforce the values and vision of the school’s culture.
  • Model cooperative and collaborative behaviors.
  • Prepare them for social demands of school and later for the larger society.
  • Encourage collaboration with one another.

Year 11 and 12 is difficult for kids. It doesn’t have to be though! There are tons of highly effective and fun team building activities. Activities encourage learning while helping kids relax and have some fun. If you are running out of ideas, we’ve got you covered.

A team building day with our inflatables can do the trick! It may be the perfect solution for your students to take their mind away from the books and to just enjoy some time with their peers in an enjoyable, stress-free and fun environment.

Here are some team building ideas for year 11 students:

Bubble Soccer and Inflatable Arena

Stunt Jump

Adrenaline Rush Extreme

Screamer Water Slide

Dunk Tank Deluxe (Great for teachers and students)

Human Table Football


And our new arrivals:

Log Jammer

Toxic Shock Big Ball Challenge

The Hippo Chow Down

Also, for our full collection of all team building inflatables, click here.

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