Inflatable Pop Up Pub

Australia’s pub scene is well known. So, with many pubs in Sydney being gentrified and made into multi million dollar real estate we thought we would bring an inflatable pop up pub to Sydney.

Introducing Sydney’s first Inflatable Pub and it is getting plenty of attention. Designed for corporate events and 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th birthday parties or any party or event our Inflatable Pop Up Pub is for hire in Sydney and surrounding areas right now. Click here for more information.

Unique design

The Inflatable Pub has two rooms and it has that warm feeling like you are actually in a cosy pub. The Pub pops up in around 5 minutes with set up being about a half hour. Inside the Inflatable Pub has makeshift televisions on the wall, look alike brickwork, fireplace and chimneys. Bubbling With Energy’s Inflatable Pub was carefully designed by our team of industrial designers. It even includes inflatable ice buckets in each corner of the pub. Additionally, our design is so unique we even made the blower multi task as it also pumps air through the support beams for constant air flow. Therefore, it becomes much cooler than a marquee.

Inflatable pub hire SydneyInflatable pub hire Sydney

Inflatable Pop Up Pub and Brand Activation

Brand activation companies in Sydney will love the concept. The Inflatable Pub was designed with branding in mind. It uses velcro banners wherever possible. Also, add the Pub’s mobility, easy and fast set up, pack down and brands can make their own unique activation.

Sports and other Corporate Events

Set up the Inflatable Pop Up Pub and make it an instant talking point for guests at your sports presentation, product launch, or exhibition. We guarantee you that our design will blow your clients mind.

Birthday Parties

Imagine a backyard party with your very own inflatable pop up pub. Keep the weather outside and here we have a cosy pub where everyone can have a laugh and make your partner’s birthday special.

Also, we have also introduced a smaller pub for smaller events.

So, check us out, you won’t be disappointed in your experience with Bubbling With Energy Pub Hire Sydney.