There is something better than breathing in the Christmas season and receiving the most awaited extra pay of the year. Yes, because nothing feels better than making the days spent with the family count.

In fact, Christmas break is the best time to spend the bonus and to spend time with your loved ones. However, there is one last appointment your boss might require you to attend which might consume the time you planned to spend with the family… Christmas party!

Don’t worry. There is a good news! We have a fun idea for you to recommend to your Christmas Party Planning Committee. You can have a family day and a Christmas party with your coworkers at once! Christmas parties should not be boring and agonizing as employees think of missing a bonding moment with their family.

But you might be thinking how could you carry out such kind of event with kids running around the venue. Supposing your boss might be raising his eyebrow at the interrupting squeal of your kid as he discusses something serious with a coworker. Here are the things to consider when planning a joint Corporate Christmas Party and Family Day.

  • Location

An office setting party might be the most affordable and the most accessible choice. But you might also reconsider the inappropriateness of having fun where serious tasks take place during usual work days. To say, office parties can make the employees feel uncomfortable to freely have fun.

In fact, the office might not be spacious enough to accommodate family members. Besides, employees must take a real break from the environment associated with work. So where can the celebration be best held?

An outdoor setting can best serve the purpose of the event. The focus of the celebration is for everybody to have fun through series of activities that will engage employees and kids. Ideal places include backyard, rented park, or resort. You don’t have to rent a whole big resort for the event; as long as the place is wide enough to accommodate the attendees, you’re good for the event.

  • Foods

Foods are also not meant to be boring. What does that exactly mean?

With series of fun activities, you wouldn’t want the attendees to go home hungry and disappointed. After all, one of the things to look forward to in a party or any celebration is the delicious foods offered in the event. Seeing that employees will be bringing some of their family members, it is good to have types of foods which are friendly to kids and adults.

To begin with, the planning committee needs to decide whether to have a potluck picnic-type celebration or a catered event with tables set for the outdoor vibe.

Since you are aiming to have easy-to-handle foods, you can consider the following food categories: easy main courses, chilled fruit bowl, healthy vegetable tray, chilled drinks, cold pasta salads, and frosty desserts.

Of course and event should have the carnival or party type foods such as fairy floss, sno cones or popcorn. Bubbling With Energy Entertainment supply all of these complete with Australia’s first and unique inflatable food booth. You can hire with operators or it is easy to operate yourself. We have videos on our website as to how to operate these carnival food items.

  • Fun

Fun means activities and we have so many fun inflatables there is something for everyone big and small, active and non active. Inflatable Water Slides, Jumping Castle Hire, Obstacle Courses, Wrecking Balls, Sports Zones just scroll through our website and select what suits the size of your area and the ages.

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