5 School Year Breakup Activities

For the last week of the school year, students might be dwelling in quizzes, exams, school projects, assignments and deadlines! This stressful time of year calls for some fun activities to take the pressure off the students and reward their hard work. It’s time for some school year breakup activities filled with  fun and excitement!

So what might be the best ways to get you started?

Here is some fun stuff you can reward your students with. Whether you want a mini celebration or a major event, you can make it awesome! Start the school break with these incredible ideas:

1 Dry Slides

It’s been a rough and dry road getting all school work accomplished. You might be thinking of celebrating the accomplished year by throwing a party where you and your entire class can play around. Dry slides are a great way to give everyone a piece of the fun at your event all year round.

We can’t always bring our swimmers or rely on great weather for the water slides, so dry slides are the perfect, reliable addition to your event. The proven dry slides for large events, the Giant Sabre Tooth Tiger Slide or the Screamer Dry Slide, are both capable of giving 250 people a turn every hour. They’re also the highest and fastest slides available for hire in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Make your School Year Breakup Activity a hit with one of our dry slide options. Feel the suspense and thrill by going down from tall heights.

2 Jumping Castles

No need to contain your excitement for the school year breakup as we have activities for it. You can safely jump it off as much as you want with our Jumping Castles. Celebrating with each other makes the experience so much better.

Our Jumping Castles have everything you could ever desire on any special breakup day. With a variety of themes and character-based castles, your Bubbling With Energy experience is sure to be worthwhile.

3 Obstacle Courses

Goodbye to cramming nights, lack of sleep, missed meals, and consecutive deadlines. Sometimes, the only way to say hello to new opportunities is to say goodbye to the old ones. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to learn in school. But it’s also a great opportunity to learn that sometimes, you need to take a break. That’s where an obstacle course as a School Year Breakup Activity comes to the rescue!

Obstacles are a fun way to challenge yourself and take your mind off worrying about admission to university. Just feel the adrenaline rush as you go through a series of challenging physical obstacle courses!

We have it all, from the Radical Junior Obstacle Course to the Adrenaline Rush Extreme! If you’re looking for junior challenges, you can go from tackling bags, inflatable arch obstacles to a jumping castle, rock climbing wall, and two slide lanes. Or you can go extreme by weaving your way around the colourful inflatable obstacle course through inflatable barriers, climbing walls, ladders, and slides. Choose your own kind of challenge with the variety of obstacle courses we offer.

4 Sports-Themed

Either you’re sporty or lazy. Come on! No one is too sporty nor too lazy to have some fun. With our sports-themed inflatables, you don’t need to be an MVP to win the game. Besides, you can even literally play sports indoor. The fun sports we offer can range from the tried and proven Indoor Soccer Arena to our amazing Beach Volleyball Arena.

Sized at just seven meters long and five meters wide, it is easy to find a spot for out Indoor Soccer Arena. It can fit six per side. Not to mention that participants can kick the ball off the side of walls and ceiling in pursuit of a rebound goal- No more balls flying around your event! But if you’re looking for something special, see our amazing interactive games. Or here’s some more amazing sports-themed options.

5 Water Slides

You might be waiting for summer to enjoy the pool vibes. When you think about it, waiting is dull and an ordinary pool is boring. You’ve already waited for the school break; no need to wait any longer. We can make your dream pool vibes happen in an upgraded version of fun.

With our Giant water slides such as the Log Jammer Extreme, you can stand at a whopping 10 metres high and slide down the impressive 27.5 metres long slide. Customers are already booking this for break up events next year.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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