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10 More Brilliant School Fete Stall Ideas

This Blog follows on from our previous Blog called Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas and tips you should try.  Read it in conjunction with this one.

Need ideas for your school fete or carnival? Choose from these crowd-pleasing activities, marketing strategies and ideas!

1 All Day Ride Tickets

This one ranks highly among the More Brilliant Fete Ideas category. We have seen this done at many school fetes with great success.

Promote the Fete at least a month before the Fete date, and sell advance “All Day Ride” tickets for say $25. This allows ticket holders to ride any fete activity without paying more on the day. For a small fee, Bubbling With Energy can supply wrist bands for the All Day Ticket riders. This will ensure you have some advance funds prior to the event, and also ensures people turn up on the day.

On Fete Day, people can purchase the All Day Ride ticket for a higher price of say, $30.

You will need to set up a Ticket Booth for the event. Set up your own or we can supply it. Note – pre sales also ensure shorter lines at the ticket booth on Fete Day.

2 Food Glorious Food

Food is a great way to extend your fund raising. We have carnival food available such as Fairy Floss, Sno Cones and even a Popcorn machine.

Depending on the demographic of your school population, you can get parents to make (for sale) non messy foods such as spring rolls, samosas, or fish cakes etc, or the traditional sausage on a roll. Sell cans of drinks to go with the food.

3 Donation Bucket

Roster volunteers to stand at the entrance/exits of the Fete with a donation bucket to collect extra gold coins.

4 Performers

Here’s another brilliant fete stall idea. Invite a local dance group(s) to perform at the event and maybe set up a stall to advertise their dance group. This ensures more parents and family members come along. It’s also great for your pre Fete advertising.

5 Inflatable and Obstacle Course Sponsors

Invite say, a local Fitness Club to sponsor an inflatable jumping castle or obstacle course. We can attach their velcro backed signage to the amusement device they are sponsoring. As an added bonus, you can offer that they can do a fitness demonstration at the event.

Do ensure that any sponsors are acknowledged in event publicity.

6 Local Community Groups

Invite the local Scouts or Guides, Surf Lifesaving, and St Johns Ambulance to set up Recruitment Stalls at the Fete. They can do demonstrations of their particular activities e.g the St Johns or Surf Lifesaving volunteers can demonstrate how to use a defibrillator. Maybe the Scouts and Guides can teach dads and mums how to do a truckies hitch (a brilliant knot for tying loose materials to the family trailer).

All these extra people add to the excitement and fund raising opportunities of the event.

7 Amaze with the Maze

This is another brilliant fete idea. During Halloween a local school set up our Inflatable Maze as a Halloween Maze. You can guess what scary scenes were depicted in the maze dead end zones (excuse the pun). Depending on your event theme, it could be set up as an Australiana Maze, a Christmas in July Maze, a Learning Maze etc. It’s only restricted by your schools imagination.

8 Sports Skills Arena

Also under the more brilliant fete ideas category is a Sports Skills Arena. Children in your school undoubtedly play soccer, rugby league, basketball or even golf. Check out these Sports Inflatables which test the skills and stamina of your budding world champion players.

For the older event visitors, charge them to rodeo ride the mechanical bull, or any of our other “Mechanical” devices. All of these rides can have sponsors signage featured on them.

9 Sydney Water Stall

Invite Sydney Water to set up a stall to promote better water usage such as 4 minute showers. Maybe they will provide free water bottles.

10 Lucky Dip

What would a Fete be without a Lucky Dip? If you don’t want to make up your own, companies like Blueberry Express can supply Lucky Dip prizes. Set a reasonable fee for a dip in the Lucky Dip. Ensure you have a few larger prizes in there e.g a movie pass, a meat tray sponsored by a local butcher, a bottle of wine sponsored by the local bottle shop.


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