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Mechanical Bucking Bull Checklist

Welcome to 0ur Mechanical Bucking Bull Checklist. The Mechanical Bucking Bull is famous around the world because it is both unique and challenging. Who else can ride like a Rodeo Cowboy in the comfort of their local pub, community hall, or back yard? They are used for corporate events, hens and bucks parties, 21st birthdays and significant anniversaries. Our clients also use them for hotel activities, product launches and brand activations, or cowboy theme parties.

Unfortunately there are some providers who do hire out Mechanical Bucking Bulls without taking care of the safety of their clients. Hence we have created this Mechanical Bucking Bull Checklist to assist you to choose the best provider. Of course, we expect that you will choose Bubbling With Energy (BWE) because we provide everything on this Checklist. However, if you do not hire us, here are some things to look out for:

Checklist – Safety of the Device

  1. Is the device SafeWork registered? If not, the hirer’s insurance company may not indemnify them if a claim happens.
  2. Ask for a copy of the Mechanical Bucking Bull “Risk Assessment”. BWE’s Risk Assessment covers things the Operator must do. These include crowd control, removing sharp objects, rough play, removal of patrons loose accessories etc.
  3. Is it a Galaxy Bull (best in the world and uses good quality mechanics and electronics)? BWE only uses Galaxy bulls.
  4. Some bulls are hard plastic which can add to injury concerns. Ours are bone which is softer.
  5. Does the Mechanical Bucking Bull have real cow hide (some use carpet)? Carpet is not as aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Does the company have more than one bull, in case one breaks down? Your event might be featuring the Mechanical Bucking Bull as the major attraction. If the provider does not have more than one device and it breaks down, it can ruin your event. BWE has three Mechanical Bucking Bulls. If the Bucking Bull doesn’t suit your theme, we have other mechanical devices such as  the Bucking Football, Bucking Can, Bucking Bottle, the Mechanical Surfboard. Also, we even have a special one for “adult” parties.

Checklist – Operator Training

  1. Is the Operator trained for safe use of the device? This includes adjusting the speed for the competence of individual riders. It also includes ensuring no one enters the play area while someone is riding, checking for sharp objects, properly operating the mechanism etc. At BWE the Operators are professionally trained in all aspects of supervision of mechanical inflatables.
  2. Does the company have guests sign a “ride at your own risk form”? This provides YOU with extra protection in case of an injury. Anyone over the age of 18 has to sign a waiver so they understand their responsibilities as a rider.
  3. Ensure the Operator is supported in making decisions about intoxication. It doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t ride the device if intoxicated. It’s how intoxicated they are which is the issue.
  4. Is the company an AM-SAFE Credentialed Operator. For instance, BWE has been accredited under the AM-SAFE Safety Support Program. It means we are The Industry peak body, Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association Inc.(AALARA), as a compliant provider of amusement, leisure and recreation services, in accordance with the Best Practice standards, established as being most appropriate to ensure that businesses provide at all times, the best possible management, operation and duty of care to their clients, guests and staff.

Also see our blog called a Checklist for Hiring Amusement Devices.

About Bubbling With Energy

Finally, please be aware that in any industry, including ours, there are fly by night and disreputable operators. They might be cheap, but will take safety short cuts. This puts you and your children and older clients at risk. Also, their equipment will not be well maintained or safe and their staff will not be appropriately trained. And, they will not have the correct insurance coverage.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment (link), have been in operation for over 27 years. Above all, we take pride in ensuring our equipment is safe and well maintained. Our staff are trained to help you have the best event possible.

Also please note that Bubbling With Energy is working towards becoming a carbon neutral company (see Blog). Be assured that we have a social responsibility to help protect the environment. Apart from installing solar panels on our buildings, we also recycle our jumping castles for repair material, and are training our staff in ways to foster better use of our natural environment. Every booking you make with BWE contributes to the planting of trees in reforestation projects.

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