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Many of our clients use inflatable obstacles courses, jumping castles, dry and water slides and interactive games as team building activities on courses and at company seminars and events.

The fun part is “playing the game” but don’t lose sight of why you are having that activity. It needs to be suitable debriefed so that the maximum learning can be extracted from the team building activities.

If you are the corporate trainer or event organiser using inflatables for team building events, here are some pertinent questions you can use in debriefing the team building activity. They are not in any particular order as not every question will suit your circumstances. Therefore, we suggest you select around 10 of them for your debrief.

Team Building Debrief Questions

  1. How do you feel now?
  2. What did you learn about your team in that activity?
  3. What did you learn about yourself as a team player?
  4. Did you select a Leader? How and why was that person selected?
  5. How were team roles selected? In hindsight, was that successful?
  6. Did anyone think of selecting a “safety” officer for the activity? Why or why not?
  7. How did your team communicate? Was it successful?
  8. What tactics or processes did you use to complete the task?
  9. What behaviours were particularly effective in accomplishing the team objective?
  10. Were you conscious of time through the activity? Does this relate to time management in the workplace? How?
  11. How did you start the activity? Did you give enough time to think about and discuss with the team how to accomplish it?
  12. After the team building activity did your team use questions to debrief?
  13. How did the team handle those who were struggling to do the task?
  14. If you were struggling to do the task, how did you get through it?
  15. What obstacles to working as a high performing team did you face?
  16. How did the team handle conflict?
  17. In terms of working as a team, what would you do differently next time?
  18. (If appropriate) What feedback would you like to give to your activity team leader?
  19. What did you learn today that you will take back to the workplace?
  20. Is there anything in the workplace that should be changed as a result of what you learned during the team building activities?

Read our CEO’s LinkedIn article about using Inflatables for Team Building activities. You will then see how useful these team building debrief questions are for your event.

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