Incredible Lungs Inflatable

Medical Inflatables Now Available in Australia

We now have a range of Australian medical inflatables to add the “Wow factor” to your events. Our current range includes the incredible Lung, Heart, Brain and Colon inflatables.

  • Imagine a medical exhibition where you want to attract potential clients to your stand. So, stand in a spectacular Lung inflatable. It will be the buzz of the event.
  • Or, imagine teaching your students about how the heart works while walking through a giant inflatable heart. Also, we can even supply child and adult oriented lesson plans. These will complement your lesson plans.
  • Or, imagine a fund raising event for cancer research. Our medical inflatables will attract donors to your event.
  • Finally, imagine a school or university open day. Consequently, have students enter the event through our incredible inflatable brain. Ideally, the event theme could be “You are entering our school of learning!”

Additionally, the Australian medical inflatables are large, colourful, and spectacular. Also, they have been designed after significant research into the features of lungs, hearts, brains and colons.

So, please see this medical inflatables Australia link for more details about each inflatable.

What Australian events feature Medical Inflatables?

You can hire or purchase these Australian medical inflatables for a range of events.  Amongst other events, these include:

  • Medical conventions
  • Medical research foundation events
  • Charity fund raisers
  • Hospital fetes
  • School, college or university learning experiences
  • University Medical Schools open days and orientation events
  • Open days at schools, hospitals, medical centres etc
  • Government health promotions
  • TV advertisements
  • Company wellness initiatives
  • Insurance education events
  • Healthy lifestyle festivals or exhibitions
  • Council fitness promotions

Also, the medical inflatables are great for new medical product launches or brand activations.

Furthermore, do you have a vision for an Australian medical inflatable at your events? If so, chat with us about how to make it happen.

Easy Setup

Also, Australian medical inflatables are easy to set up. Consequently, all we need is an adequate space and access to a power point.

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As you can see Incredible Inflatables Australia specialise in providing Australian medical inflatables for significant events. We are a subsidiary of Bubbling With Energy Entertainment who have over 27 years experience in providing unique inflatables for events.

Finally, we are one of Australia’s largest providers of inflatables. These include obstacle courses, interactive games, a video gaming theatre, and mobile escape rooms. Consequently, we have products and professional services which will make your event a huge success.

So, contact us for all your exhibition, charity fund raising, school, university, council and company event needs:

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