Are you ready to sprinkle some frosty magic into your next unique Winter Wonderland event? Look no further than Bubbling With Energy Entertainment! Our Winter Wonderland event products are designed to delight guests of all ages. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor extravaganza or an indoor gathering, we’ve got the WOW factor covered. They are great for fetes and festivals, fund raisers, family fun days and corporate events. Let’s explore the enchanting lineup:

1. Frozen Jumping Castle

Step into a fairy tale with our Frozen-themed jumping castles! Imagine bouncing alongside Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in a wintry wonderland. The inflatable Disney themed castle features shimmering snowflakes, icy blue hues, and a touch of magic. It’s perfect for kids’ birthday parties, school events, or any occasion where joy takes center stage.

2. Zap a Penguin Interactive Game

Get ready for some penguin-powered fun! Our “Zap a Penguin” interactive game is a hit with both kids and adults. How does it work? Participants use soft foam mallets to knock down adorable penguin targets. Multiple people can play this unique Winter Wonderland event activity in an hour. It’s a delightful challenge that adds laughter and excitement to any event.

3. Inflatable All-Weather Street Curling (No Ice Needed)

Who says curling is only for icy rinks at the Winter Olympics? Our inflatable street curling setup brings the game to any venue, regardless of the weather. No ice required! We are the only company in Australia offering this unique Winter Wonderland event activity. Set up the mini curling lane indoors or outdoors, and let the friendly competition begin. Guests can slide their inflatable stones toward the target, strategising like seasoned curlers. It’s a fantastic team-building activity that encourages camaraderie and precision.

4. Inflatable Snow Globes

Step inside a life-sized inflatable snow globe and experience winter magic firsthand! Our inflatable snow globes create a whimsical atmosphere where guests can pose for photos, dance, or simply marvel at being in a magical globe. We have Snow, Christmas and Easter globes. Whether it’s a corporate gala or a community festival, these globes add that touch of wonder.

5. Selfie Stations with a Winter Theme

Capture memories in style! Our winter-themed selfie stations provide the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots. Guests can even bring their own props to make the experience even more memorable. Share your pics with #WinterWonderland and let the world see your magical moments.

6. The Challenging Mechanical Snowboard

Ready to ride the virtual slopes? The mechanical snowboard simulator lets guests experience the thrill of snowboarding without getting frostbite. Hop on the board, and hold on! Our staff set the speed depending on the age and size of the “snowboarder”. With customisable difficulty levels, everyone,from beginners to snowboarding pros,can feel the rush. It’s an exhilarating addition to any unique Winter Wonderland event.

Deliver the WOW Factor with a unique Winter Wonderland event

At Bubbling With Energy Entertainment, we don’t just provide products; we create memories. Our unique Winter Wonderland event offerings are available for delivery across Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, and the Central Coast. Whether it’s a corporate Christmas in July function, a school fair, a fund raiser, or a private celebration, let’s turn your event into a snowy spectacle that leaves guests saying, “Wow!” 🌨️❄️✨

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Paris Olympic Themed Event Ideas

Paris Olympic Themed Event Ideas for hire in Sydney

Elevate Your Paris Olympic Themed Event with Spectacular Inflatables

With the Paris Summer Olympics just around the corner in July, it’s the perfect time to start planning your Olympic-themed event. Whether you’re hosting a community gathering, corporate team-building day, or a grand Olympic themed party, our inflatables will add a unique and exciting dimension to your celebrations. Here’s how you can create an unforgettable Olympic experience with our range of fun and interactive inflatables (we’ve even included the French names for the activities).

Unique Olympic Medal Opportunities

Street Curling (Curling de Rue) Without the Ice

Bring the thrill of curling to your event with our innovative street curling setup. Participants can experience the strategy and skill of curling on a specially designed inflatable curling rink, making it accessible and fun for all ages. No ice required!

Interactive Games: Basketball Throwing, Target Shooting, and Soccer Shootout

Test your guests’ Summer Olympics athletic skills with a variety of interactive games:

  • Basketball Throwing (Lancer de Basket-ball): See who can make the most baskets in a given time.
  • Target Shooting (Tir a la Cible): Aim for the bullseye and score big points.
  • Soccer Shootout (Fusillade de football): Perfect for soccer enthusiasts, this game challenges players to kick the ball with precision.

Spectacular Giant Soccer Inflatable

Our giant soccer inflatable (ballon de football géant gonflable) is a showstopper! It’s perfect for a friendly kicking challenge. With ample space and vibrant colors, it’s sure to be a highlight of your event.

Beach Volleyball Arena

Set up an inflatable beach volleyball arena (aréna de volleyball de plage) to capture the essence of summer Olympic volleyball. Participants can dive, spike, and serve their way to victory in a fun and safe environment.

  1. Obstacle Courses

Create your own Olympic triathlons or marathons with our challenging obstacle courses:

  • Ninja Warrior Course (Course d’obstacles Ninja Warrior): Test agility, strength, and speed with a course designed to push participants to their limits.
  • Dual Lane Water Slides (Toboggan Aquatique ) or Dry Slides (Toboggan Sec): Race to the finish on our thrilling slides.

A Bonus Olympic Event Idea

Bonus Paris Olympic Themed Event Idea: Imagination Relays (Relais d’imagination)

Add a unique and hilarious twist to your Paris Summer Olympics event with Imagination Relays. Instead of traditional running, participants act out funny and creative scenes, such as:

  • A slow-motion VW bus going up a hill.
  • A slalom ride without the slalom.
  • A Scout helping a little old lady across the pedestrian crossing … but she doesn’t want to go.
  • A kangaroo race (or a kangaroo with a joey in its pouch race… now that requires some imagination)
  • A group of ballerinas competing for the slow-motion Swan Lake ballet prize.
  • Create your own – think animals, jobs, technology, food, construction, TV shows and movies etc.

These imaginative relays are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to your event, making it truly memorable.

Olympic Extras

Carnival Food Delights

Enhance the festive atmosphere with delicious carnival food! We offer a variety of treats, including:

  • Popcorn (Mais Souffle)
  • Sno Cones (Cones de Neige)
  • Fairy Floss (Baba a Papa)

These classic snacks will add an extra thrill to your event, keeping everyone happy and energised.

Feature Your Sponsors

Looking to highlight your sponsors? We can feature your sponsor logos on our Paris Olympic themed event inflatables, providing excellent visibility and creating a professional, branded experience.

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Let’s Plan Your Perfect Paris Olympic Themed Event!

Ready to make your Paris Olympic themed event a smashing success? Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with our spectacular inflatables and interactive games. Let’s create an event that your guests will talk about for years to come!

For bookings and enquiries, reach out to us with your Sydney event details at or 9829 8929. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to host the ultimate Paris Olympic themed event in coming weeks!

10 successful fund raisers

10 Successful Fundraisers – Products That Guarantee Fun and Funds

Introducing 10 fund raisers that we know are successful!

Fundraising events are an integral part of community engagement and nonprofit organizations. While the goal is to raise funds for a cause, creating an enjoyable experience for participants is equally important. One effective way to achieve this balance is by offering exciting and engaging products and activities. Here are 10 successful fundraisers that not only promise heaps of fun but also contribute to raising significant funds:

1. Dunk Tank

Few activities match the thrill of seeing someone plunge into a tank of water after a well-aimed throw. Dunk tanks have been a staple of fundraising events for decades. Whether it’s a teacher, principal, the boss, or a local celebrity volunteering to sit on the hot seat, people are eager to take their chances and make a splash, all for a good cause. Check it out here.

2. Street Curling

This is our newest of the 10 successful fund raisers. Bringing the excitement of winter sports to any season, street curling is a hit at fundraising events. With portable and inflatable curling kits, participants can enjoy the strategy and skill of this Olympic sport without needing ice. It’s a unique and engaging activity that draws in both participants and spectators alike. Here are the details.

3. Sideshow Alley Games

Step right up and test your skills at classic sideshow alley games like ring toss, balloon darts, and laughing clowns. These games offer a nostalgic charm while providing participants with a chance to win prizes. From young children to adults, everyone enjoys trying their luck and supporting a good cause in the process. See our games here.

Laughing Clowns

4. Inflatable Selfie Stations

In the age of social media, selfie stations have become a must-have attraction at fundraising events. Inflatable stations offer a variety of fun backdrops and props for attendees to capture memorable moments with friends and family. By encouraging attendees to share their photos online, these stations help spread awareness about the cause while creating lasting memories. Check them at this link.

5. Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses appeal to the adventurous spirit in all of us. Whether it’s crawling through tunnels, scaling walls, or navigating popups and slides, participants love the challenge and excitement that obstacle courses provide. With different difficulty levels, obstacle courses cater to participants of all ages and fitness levels, making them a versatile fundraising option. Our larger obstacle courses such as the one in the featured image can take multiple players which adds to your fund raising opportunities. Sponsors also love them (we can velcro their marketing to any of our products). See our huge range here.

6. Carnival Food

Here’s another of our 10 successful fund raisers. No fundraising event is complete without the irresistible aroma of carnival food wafting through the air. From sno cones and popcorn to fairy floss, these tasty treats are sure to draw crowds. Not only do they satisfy cravings, but they also serve as a profitable fundraising opportunity, with proceeds going directly to the cause. If you have a sweet tooth this link will take you there.

7. Cup and Saucer Carnival Ride

For a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, the cup and saucer carnival ride never fails to delight. As participants spin and twirl in brightly colored cups, laughter fills the air, creating a joyous atmosphere that enhances the fundraising experience. The ride’s visual appeal and family-friendly nature make it a popular choice for events of all sizes. Check out our carnival rides here.

8. Disco Foam Party

Turn up the music and let the foam fly with a disco foam party! This high-energy event transforms any space into a dance floor filled with bubbles and beats. Participants of all ages can groove to the music while raising funds for a worthy cause. It’s a surefire way to keep the party going and the donations flowing. All of the fun of a foam party is at this link.

9. Giant Water Slides

When the weather heats up, there’s no better way to cool down than with a giant water slide. These towering attractions provide endless thrills as participants zip down slippery slopes and make a splash at the bottom. Whether it’s a single slide or a complex water park setup, giant water slides guarantee hours of fun and excitement for attendees. Our double slide products are particularly popular fund raisers as multiple participants can use them at any time. See our huge range here.

10. Interactive Games

Lastly, another of our 10 successful fund raisrs are interactive games. From the mechanical bull, axe throwing to footy passing challenges, interactive games add an element of competition and camaraderie to fundraising events. Participants can test their skills and compete against friends, all while supporting a charitable cause. With a variety of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. See the details at this link.

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In conclusion, successful fundraising events rely on engaging products and activities that capture the imagination and enthusiasm of participants. From classic carnival games to thrilling rides and interactive experiences, these 10 successful fundraisers promise fun-filled moments and significant contributions to worthy causes. By incorporating these crowd-pleasers into your next fundraising event, you can ensure a memorable experience for attendees while making a positive impact in your community.

Get top rated customer service with Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

So, if you are in Sydney give us a try. We have loads of inflatables, amusement rides and carnival foods that will make your fete or charity fund raising event successful. Please Email us at for a quote.

Lastly, want more ideas? Check out our Blog called 10 More Brilliant Fete Stall Ideas.

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When it comes to having a memorable and unique party experience in Sydney, foam parties are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Imagine being surrounded by billowing clouds of frothy foam, dancing to pulsating beats, and letting go of all inhibitions. Thanks to the expertise of Bubbling with Energy Entertainment, foam parties are no longer just for kids. Regardless of age, these high-energy events promise a fantastic time for everyone involved. Plus our Sydney foam parties are mobile – we bring them to you. Let’s dive into the world of foam parties and explore the magic created by Bubbling with Energy Entertainment.

A Foam-tastic Experience

Bubbling with Energy Entertainment specializes in organizing foam parties that cater to various age groups. From birthday celebrations and family celebrations to college events and corporate parties, they have mastered the art of creating a safe and exhilarating atmosphere for all. With their state-of-the-art foam machines, they generate massive amounts of foam that cover the dance area, immersing participants in a sea of bubbles. Imagine the whole back yard, your local community hall, or workplace area filled with foam. However, if there are no physical boundaries we can provide inflatable foam pits.

Add disco music to the event and you have a wild and fun filled Disco Foam party. For an extra fee, we can supply the speaker. Or, have you tried the latest fad … a silent disco? Everyone brings their own ear pads and dances to their own music! Crazy stuff!

Sydney Foam Party

Fun for the Whole Family with a Sydney Foam Party

Foam parties aren’t just for kids anymore. Bubbling with Energy Entertainment ensures that everyone, regardless of age, can join in on the excitement. The gentle foam created by their machines is safe and non-toxic, making it suitable for children and adults alike. Parents can relax and enjoy the party knowing that their little ones are having a blast in a controlled and secure environment.

Unleash Your Inner Child

Foam parties provide a unique opportunity to tap into your inner child and let go of the stresses of daily life. The mesmerizing foam, coupled with vibrant music and energetic lighting, creates an atmosphere of pure joy and carefree fun. Dance, jump, and slide through the foam-filled dance floor, and rediscover the freedom of uninhibited playfulness. Our Sydney Foam parties are so exciting that the energy remains high throughout the event, leaving everyone with memories to cherish.

Safety First

While foam parties are undeniably thrilling, Bubbling with Energy Entertainment prioritises the safety of all participants. They employ a team of trained professionals who carefully manage the foam levels and ensure the well-being of everyone present. Additionally, their foam machines use high-quality hypoallergenic foam solutions that are gentle on the skin and eyes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all partygoers.

Foam parties organized by Bubbling with Energy Entertainment offer a unique and exciting experience for all ages. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, these Sydney foam party events provide a chance to let loose, have fun, and create lasting memories. So, gather your friends, family, and colleagues, and prepare to be immersed in a world of foam-filled delight. With Bubbling with Energy Entertainment, your next party will be an unforgettable adventure that caters to the child in everyone.

What do our Sydney Foam Party clients say?

Finally, if you don’t get the concept of a foam party, this is a link to what one of our clients wrote about her daughters tenth birthday Foam Party. It’s a Blog called “Tully turns 10! A Squishmallow Foam party”.

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Never Give Safety a Day Off


“Never give safety a day off” should be the motto of anyone organising a birthday party. The same goes for school or corporate or council events, fetes or festivals. Recently there has been concern in the media about inflatable safety such as with jumping castles and obstacle courses.

This Blog aims to provide you with a guide to how Bubbling With Energy Entertainment never gives safety a day off. It also covers what consumers can do to ensure their small and large events are safe.

AALARA Safety Committee

Our CEO Mark Rubiolo is on the Safety Committee for the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Inc. (AALARA). It’s the peak body for amusement operators in Australia.

One of the Committee’s tasks is to liaise with regulators such as SafeWork NSW to discuss and implement world’s best practice in inflatable safety. Within these discussions is a plan to release a Code of Practice. All amusement operators will be required to comply with the Code of Practice. It will cover compliance with Australian Standards for Inflatables AS3533.4.1. It will also include setup and operational guidelines for the operators and supervisors of events involving inflatables.

Check the Provider’s Insurance

Also don’t take a day off with Public Liability Insurance. This is a major concern for the industry. During Covid a number of insurance providers left the industry. In turn insurance premiums offered by the remaining providers have significantly increased. Mark Rubiolo warns that anyone hiring an inflatable should obtain a copy of the providers insurance policy. Ensure that is for $20m and is from a reputable insurer ie not from a small tax haven! If the inflatables provider is not insured the risk is too great.

Safety Checklists for Small and Large event Organisers

So, you as the consumer have a responsibility to ensure you don’t take a day off when your event safety is involved. To assist you, do have a look at our Checklist for Hiring Amusement Devices and our Hiring a Mechanical Bull Checklist.




Bubbling with Energy (BWE) Entertainment has mobile inflatable Escape Rooms which will add the ultimate WOW factor to your next party planning.

Participants enter the escape room through an entry door. Then they have to complete a number of problem solving activities to get a four digit code. This code will unlock a padlock on the exit door.

The mobile inflatable Escape Room can be set up in a back yard, a local park, a company car park, a council family fun day, or a school or community hall with a high ceiling. It’s great for teen parties, family fun days, fund raising events, corporate team building and exhibitions. We just need access to a power point to inflate it.

Escape Room activities include decoding puzzles, codes or ciphers, sorting cards, and building something with a message embedded in it. Also, the activities are hidden in secret pouches, books, old suitcases or other props in the room. They are suitable for ages 9 upwards. Mixed age groups are preferred.

Planning Steps

So, are you planning a party or team building event and want to have an Escape Room? These steps will help to make it a smooth planning operation:

  1. Set a goal – will it be a birthday or anniversary celebration, a team building event, or a learning activity such as assessing problem solving abilities or learning about climate change?
  2. Decide a theme – see below. NOTE – if you have a different theme in mind we can develop it for a small extra fee.
  3. Select a date and venue.
  4. Finally, book it with BWE.

Planning Ultimate Escape Room Themes

BWE currently has the following themes:

    • Mission Possible – participants are members of an Australian Mission Possible Spy team trying to save a pandemic remedy from an enemy spy. Note, all our activities are “possible”.
    • Heroes and Villains – teams try to save a precious golden egg from a group of villains.
    • Aliens – teams are trying to escape from a nasty alien who wants to transport them back to his dying planet called Vogonsphere.
    • Alice in Puzzleland – suitable for a girls only party, this Escape Room theme takes “Alice’s” on a journey through Puzzleland to escape the clutches of the evil Queen of Hearts. It’s also suitable for mixed gender groups.
    • Formula One – suitable for a boys only party, escape room teams try to escape from other Formula One drivers who want the energy recipe which is making your vehicles go faster. This room is also suitable for mixed groups.
    • Minecraft – based on the famous video game, Minecraft teams try to escape the evil Ender Dragon who wants her golden egg back.
    • Save the Planet and Save Nature – these educational escape rooms teach participants about climate change issues such as recycling, water conservation and endangered animals.
    • Spy Dome and Corporate Spy – team building escape rooms for corporate groups or high school students.

What our clients have said?

During the recent school holidays we set up escape rooms for a number of Out of School Hours (OOSH) Centre incursions. You only had to see the smiles on their faces as participants successfully escaped the rooms to know this unique event had the WOW factor.

Remember, our inflatables are not at a fixed address. They are mobile. So, in your planning remember that we bring the ultimate Escape Room to you!

Contact us for more Event Ideas

Call or email our professional staff with details of your event (where, when, how many participants etc). With our extensive experience, we can help you make it memorable and engaging.

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Note – Event planners will get some great tips from our Successful Event Planning blog.


6 Unique Event Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work

6 Unique Event Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work

Many schools and work places will bounce back to “almost normal” in coming months. After a year of Zoom conferences and online learning, and the summer holidays, how do you welcome them back?

Why not have a “Bounce back to School or Work” event? Here are some ideas:

1 Fun Run Obstacle Course

With names like the Adrenaline Rush, Ninja Warriors, and Toxic Shock, a fun run is an amazing way to help teams bounce back. Just look at the pictures on this link and you can see why they are amongst our favourite “WOW Factor” events.

2 Water Slides

A great way to bounce back to school in the summer months are our water slides. The incredible Log Jammer Extreme or smaller slides such as the Wave Crush or Jump N Splash will excite any audience.

In the cooler months try the dry slides such as the Ninja Warped Wall, the Screamer, or the giant Sabre Tooth Tiger dry slide.

3 Interactive Games

Another bounce back to school or work event are the interactive games. They are suitable for adults or children.

You can have a sports event which includes interactive inflatables such as the Soccer Shootout, Target Soccer and Footy Passing games, or the Basketball Shootout. We even have the Soccer Radar Challenge where the speed of your kick is measured with a radar gun. We also have a giant Soccer Dome for debriefing the activities.

Alternatively try our Mobile Escape Rooms where teams try to solve various activities to escape from Space Aliens, Enemy Spies or various other Villains. Schools will be interested in our Save the Planet and Save Nature escape rooms which provide learning about conservation, recycling and other environmental issues.

The Bungee Run and Hippo Chow Down are also fun and funny bounce back to work or school activities.

4 Jumping Castles

It doesn’t matter what age, everyone loves a jumping castle. Furthermore, for extra fun try a combo castle which has obstacles such as ladders and slides built in to add to the experience.

5 Mobile Video Gaming Trailer

This is a unique back to school or work activity. Instead of travelling to a fixed video gaming site, we bring our mobile video gaming trailer to you. Up to 20 players can enjoy over 70 video games in air conditioned comfort. All the major Play Station, Nintendo and Xbox games are available. Also, we supply a Video Gaming Ambassador to set up the games and assist the gamers to get started.

6 Charity Event

It’s amazing how raising funds for those less fortunate gets a school or work community together. Have a “Dunk the Teacher or Boss” activity with a Dunk Tank. Raise some more funds with carnival food sales.

Also, for even more fund raising ideas see our Blog.

Contact us for more Back to School or Work Ideas

Call or email our professional staff with details of your bounce back to school or work event (where, when, how many participants etc). With our extensive experience, we can help you make it memorable and engaging.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Note – Event planners will get some great tips from our Successful Event Planning blog.

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms are Here

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms for Hire Sydney

Most Escape Rooms are in fixed venues, but we have inflatable mobiles we can bring to you. Consequently, if you have a suitably sized backyard or open area we can quickly set up the inflatable mobile escape room. It will add a heap of fun to your party or celebratory event.

Birthday parties, council or community fun days, corporate team building, teen celebrations, and fund raisers are all suitable events for our Inflatable Mobile Escape Room. Youth groups and OOSH centres will also love our escape rooms.

Additionally, we have a number of themes to choose from:

The Alien Escape Room.

Participants enter the Escape Room carrying a golden egg which a Vogon alien is trying to find. However, to get to safety they have to complete a number of activities which reveal a 4 digit code. On completion, the 4 digit code opens the rear exit door to safety.

Heroes and Villains Escape Room.

Your heroes team are trying to escape from an ugly and cruel villain. So, in the mobile inflatable escape room they first have to find a torch. After that, they decode a cipher, solve an animal clue, and work out a backwards message to get their 4 digit exit code.

Mission Possible (as distinct from Mission Impossible) Escape Room.

Your team are an Australian Mission Possible spy team trying to save the world from enemy spies. They want the chemical formula hidden in your golden egg. So, the Mission Possible teams will build a rocket and complete a spy quiz. Also they will decode a chemical elements activity etc while the enemy spies are on their heels.

Who will Participate in the Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms?

The activities are designed for ages 10 upwards. Teams of 4 to 6 persons will work together. It will challenge them while they have fun. Most clients are requesting 15-20 minute Inflatable Mobile Escape Room events so that multiple groups can pass through. However, 45 minute (or longer) events are also available. Our themed activities are unique. They were specifically designed for Bubbling With Energy and are not “off the shelf” type activities purchased online.

Also, we have a “Mission Possible for Adults”, and a “Corporate Spies Escape Room” theme for team building sessions with corporate groups. We will even supply suitable questions for company Leaders to use in a team building debrief.

Furthermore, for an extra charge, other themes of your choice can be developed. Think Ghosts and Ghouls, Monsters Incorporated, Merlins and Magicians, Top Secret, Treasure Hunt and Escape from Uluru.

Additionally, some clients are also hiring our inflatable interactive games with the mobile escape room.

Finally, event planners will be interested in our BLOG Successful Event Planning.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment been in operation for over 27 years.

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Inflatable Igloo Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Event

Winter Wonderland Inflatable Igloo Themed Event Ideas

The client came to us with a request. As a secret idea, could he hire our Inflatable Igloo? He wanted to propose to his sweetheart in a romantic setting. The transparent igloo idea was just what he needed. It was a complete surprise to his girlfriend. An absolutely wonderful setting for a secret proposal.

Wedding and engagement party planners are finding the idea of an Inflatable Igloo offers a fantastic photo opportunity for pre and post event activities.

Then there’s “Christmas in July” parties. What better way to celebrate than to set up an igloo in the backyard or a park, and serve chilled drinks from inside.

Also, another idea is “Winter Wonderland” themed events at council family fun days and shopping centre promotions, which aren’t the same without an inflatable igloo. Can you imagine Santa and his helpers sitting in the igloo? Your kids will love it! Also, you can decorate it with balloons, streamers, colourful lights, and flowers.

Finally, if you are having a themed winter wonderland party at home, the idea of hiring an inflatable igloo is fantastic. It’s a great gathering point for food and drink distribution.

If you are looking for some extra activities with a “winter” theme, try our Mechanical Snowboard or Inflatable Snow Globe. Yes, unlike the snow globe souvenir on your mantle, it’s the largest snow globe in Australia! Also, some clients like to hire one of our live entertainment option such as a roaming cartoonists or even Santa Claus!

So, let us make your next party ideas such as jumping castles, inflatable igloos, mechanical devices, or interactive sports hire in Sydney a memorable success.

Oh, and yes, she accepted his proposal!

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment , have been in operation for over 28 years.

So, contact us for all your backyard, school, charity, shopping centre, council, and company event hires:

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Jumping Castles for Hire in Sydney

Jumping Castles for Hire in Sydney

Hire a jumping castle in Sydney from Bubbling With Energy (BWE) Entertainment. We are Australia’s most experienced amusement hire company with over 27 years in the industry. Our client events range from small backyard birthday parties to special celebrations. Also we provide inflatables for school fund raisers, sports club activities, and large corporate and council events.

Our huge range of products include large and small jumping castles (sometimes called bouncy castles), themed castles, and combo’s. Also, we hire out other amusements such as inflatable obstacle courses and interactive games. Furthermore, carnival rides and dry or water slides are also popular products

Jumping Castles

Our inflatable jumping castles for hire in Sydney range from toddler size, to larger castles for teens and even adults. For instance, the space required for our small Dora the Explorer castle is L:7m x W:6.5m x H:5m. Our extra large Euro Bouncer requires an area of 7.5m (L) x 5.5m (W) x 6m (H).  You just need to tell us the size of your backyard or event play area. We will find an inflatable to suit. They can be set up in school yards, parks, and some of the smaller inflatables can even be erected in community halls.

If you are having a children’s birthday party, we can provide a themed inflatable. These include Disney Characters like Frozen, Cinderella and Princess, TV characters like Paw Patrol and P J Mask, and superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. Check out our range of themed castles at this link.

Jumping Castle Combos

A jumping castle combo is a Sydney jumping castle for hire which is more than just a bouncy inflatable. For instance our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle C5 is a bouncy castle rental for children up to 13 years. This popular combo inflatable has a jumping area, climbing ladder, slide, pop-ups and a basketball hoop.

See our range of large and small combos for all size events here. Additionally, the combo themes include Star Wars, the World of Disney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Toy Story.

More About Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

Finally, we deliver to all of Sydney and Wollongong. Our staff are fully trained to provide a safe and fun event for you. Also, we have the AM-SAFE Credential which means we are annually audited and accredited for safety and professional management. Furthermore, all of our inflatables are SafeWork NSW inspected and accredited.

So, let us make your next jumping castle hire in Sydney a memorable success.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment ,

have been in operation for over 27 years.

So, contact us for all your Sydney Jumping Castle backyard, school, charity, and company event hires:

Corporate Customers Ph: (02) 9829 8653 | Private Parties Ph: (02) 9829 8929 or

Unit 6/14 Stennett Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565
Sydney, Australia