Outdoor Play is Healthy Play

Outdoor Play is Healthy Play

Is outdoor play healthy play? A Sydney Morning Herald article titled “How to make lockdown holidays different from lockdown learning?” quotes Professor Garry Fallon from Macquarie University saying its important to differentiate learning from home based activities. Also, according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports our children are literally becoming obese. Why? Because they are not getting enough healthy outdoor play.

The behaviours they cite which influence obesity include:

  • increased consumption of energy-dense, low-nutrient foods and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • insufficient physical activity … especially during the pandemic so many junior sports teams games and coaching sessions have been cancelled and play seasons reduced.
  • increased sedentary activity such as sitting or lying down on the couch.
  • increased time spent in front of screens including tablets, PC’s and TV’s.
  • insufficient sleep.

They report that 25% of children aged 2-17 in Australia were overweight or obese in 2017-18.  Also, young people aged 15-24 in 2017-18 were more likely to be overweight or obese than those studied in the 1995 and 2005 reports on the same issue. The report is backed up by this article called “Why should my child play outside?

It’s unclear yet what affects the lockdowns in our major cities will have on these figures. We hope it’s more than just the family dog who is getting lots of outdoor and healthy play (and attention) as parents work from home, and kids are home schooled.

The AIHW Report

In their 2020 report about insufficient physical activity AIHW said “Participating in regular physical activity provides many benefits for physical and mental health at all ages, and can also help manage biomedical risk factors such as high body weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Insufficient physical activity is a key risk factor contributing to disease burden in Australia. Given it plays a role in chronic conditions, it is important for Australians to achieve the levels of activity outlined in Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary behaviour guidelines.”

Also, there’s an interesting “Everyone Can Play” initiative instituted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment which encourages councils and planning organisations to create inclusive play spaces. Read about it here.

Another initiative is Claratyne’s Outsideologist Project. It’s on a mission to “get one million Australian children and their families to spend just one more hour a week outside for better health and wellbeing”. The Raising Children’s Network is also a great supporter of outdoor play.

What can you do?

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment came out of the famous Life.Be In It campaign of the 1970’s which promoted active outdoor play. That’s what we specialise in. Whether it be bouncing around on a jumping castle, conquering an inflatable obstacle course, or practicing soccer and footy shootouts on an interactive game, your players will get healthy outdoor play.

So, let’s get those disturbing obesity figures down with outdoor play that is healthy play.

Also let us take you to our other Blog called 15 Popular Backyard Party Ideas. It’s full of unique outdoor physical activity ideas.

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Spice 100 Award Finalist – Best Amusement Hire Category

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment is a Spice 100 Award Finalist

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment is an Award Finalist in the Spice Hot 100: Services and Suppliers for 2021. Our award is in the Best Amusement Hire category.

Spice Magazine and News is the go-to news source for the events industry. It covers everything new, inspiring and relevant to the meetings, incentives, conference and exhibition sectors. So, it’s fantastic to be listed as a Top 100 award finalist. It is a prestigious acknowledgement of the professionalism, products and expertise of Bubbling With Energy Entertainment. Our company has been at the forefront of providing amusement hires for over 27 years.

We are very innovative. That’s one of the reasons we were voted in to the Spice 100 Award Finalist best amusement hire category. For example, just in the last year we have introduced an Extreme Mobile Video Games theatre . Also we introduced inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms. So that’s right we bring these exciting new amusements to you.

Furthermore we are renowned for our unique suite of Water Slides, Obstacle Courses and inflatable Interactive Sports amusements.

Finally, what’s the best thing about being listed in the Top 100 as an Award Winner? Our clients voted for us!. Thanks for that!

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Call or email our professional staff with details of your event. Then tell us where, when, the event theme, how many participants etc? With our extensive experience, we will help you make it memorable and engaging. Furthermore we will customise our advice to suit your event needs.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Finally, get some great event planning tips in our Successful Event Planning blog.

7 Popular Social Distancing Activities for Back Yard Parties

7 Popular Activities for Social Distancing Back Yard Parties

Are there fun activities which also abide by social distancing guidelines for a back yard party? Yes there are. Let’s see what activities Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have to not only keep you socially distanced, but also having some fun.

1 Interactive Sports Games

These are inflatables that can be set up in an average back yard and only require a few players so social distancing isn’t an issue. Our interactive sports games are activities like soccer and basketball shootouts, football passing, and the mini golf challenge. We even have an inflatable Battleship Game (see pic above). Yes, it’s just like the board game but gigantic.

2 Mechanicals for a Social Distancing Back Yard Party

You have all see the Mechanical Bull at your local pub. Well, apart from mechanical bulls, we have other mechanical activities such as a mechanical football, mechanical can, mechanical surfboard and mechanical bottle. They can all be managed so that social distancing guidelines are facilitated safely.

Add to the fun by calling it a Social Distancing Back Yard Party.

3 Fun Runs

The inflatable Bungee Fun Run and Fly Wall are two other great social distancing party activities. Instead of jumping off a bridge, the bungee fun run is a horizontal activity for two people at a time. The human fly wall is a modern version of the popular human fly wall. This re-vamped version has barriers for extra safety, a runway and a bouncy launch pad for takeoff. The Human Fly Wall hire also includes 6 Velcro suits of various sizes.

4 Jumping Castles in your Back Yard

There are small jumping castles available for hire which can fit into an average sized backyard. These include the Fairy Tale mini, Junior Jumper, Dolphin, and the ever popular Frozen jumping castles. For toddlers, the Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig bouncy castles get squeals of delight. We also have the Cameron the Kiddiepillar inflatable tunnel for the smaller players. All of the jumping castles can be managed with social distancing in mind.

5 Foam Party

Another popular social distancing back yard party idea is a foam party. You can cover your whole back yard in foam or shoot the foam into one of our large or small inflatable containers. Then let your heads go and dance in a non toxic foam bath. Set rules that no one is allowed to dance too close to anyone else. The foam party is like dancing on the moon! Give prizes for the best decorated mask and best foam dancer!

6 Water Fun

In the hotter months you can have lots of social distancing fun with a water slide or a slip and slide. Lines of participants for both activities can be controlled in both so that they maintain social distancing. We have Water Fun activities to suit most average sized back yards.

7 Larger Events

If you have larger event try the Adrenalin Rush obstacle course. It’s a two lane course with lots of challenges such as popups, slides, ladders and tunnels. You may have seen our Adrenalin Rush obstacle course on Channel 9’s Today Show recently. Over 300,000 viewers watched Channel 9’ Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon, compete in a Ninja Warrior type race against Morning Extra hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffries. They competed the race on Bubbling With Energy’s spectacular “Adrenalin Rush Obstacle Course”. Karl and Allison won the event by a slim margin. It was a hilarious example of the type of social distance fun you can have at your next fete, festival, fun run or charity fund raiser.

See our other obstacle courses here. Most can be adapted to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

A Final Word – Social Distancing Back Yard Party

While the pandemic restrictions continue, we are all mindful of “social distancing”. Possibly, even after it passes, we will still be cautious and avoid shaking hands or hugging. So, do have a chat with our professional staff on 9829 8929. Ask about what fun activities will enhance your back yard birthday party or other event, and still cater to social distancing guidelines.



Bubbling with Energy (BWE) Entertainment has mobile inflatable Escape Rooms which will add the ultimate WOW factor to your next party planning.

Participants enter the escape room through an entry door. Then they have to complete a number of problem solving activities to get a four digit code. This code will unlock a padlock on the exit door.

The mobile inflatable Escape Room can be set up in a back yard, a local park, a company car park, a council family fun day, or a school or community hall with a high ceiling. It’s great for teen parties, family fun days, fund raising events, corporate team building and exhibitions. We just need access to a power point to inflate it.

Escape Room activities include decoding puzzles, codes or ciphers, sorting cards, and building something with a message embedded in it. Also, the activities are hidden in secret pouches, books, old suitcases or other props in the room. They are suitable for ages 9 upwards. Mixed age groups are preferred.

Planning Steps

So, are you planning a party or team building event and want to have an Escape Room? These steps will help to make it a smooth planning operation:

  1. Set a goal – will it be a birthday or anniversary celebration, a team building event, or a learning activity such as assessing problem solving abilities or learning about climate change?
  2. Decide a theme – see below. NOTE – if you have a different theme in mind we can develop it for a small extra fee.
  3. Select a date and venue.
  4. Finally, book it with BWE.

Planning Ultimate Escape Room Themes

BWE currently has the following themes:

    • Mission Possible – participants are members of an Australian Mission Possible Spy team trying to save a pandemic remedy from an enemy spy. Note, all our activities are “possible”.
    • Heroes and Villains – teams try to save a precious golden egg from a group of villains.
    • Aliens – teams are trying to escape from a nasty alien who wants to transport them back to his dying planet called Vogonsphere.
    • Alice in Puzzleland – suitable for a girls only party, this Escape Room theme takes “Alice’s” on a journey through Puzzleland to escape the clutches of the evil Queen of Hearts. It’s also suitable for mixed gender groups.
    • Formula One – suitable for a boys only party, escape room teams try to escape from other Formula One drivers who want the energy recipe which is making your vehicles go faster. This room is also suitable for mixed groups.
    • Minecraft – based on the famous video game, Minecraft teams try to escape the evil Ender Dragon who wants her golden egg back.
    • Save the Planet and Save Nature – these educational escape rooms teach participants about climate change issues such as recycling, water conservation and endangered animals.
    • Spy Dome and Corporate Spy – team building escape rooms for corporate groups or high school students.

What our clients have said?

During the recent school holidays we set up escape rooms for a number of Out of School Hours (OOSH) Centre incursions. You only had to see the smiles on their faces as participants successfully escaped the rooms to know this unique event had the WOW factor.

Remember, our inflatables are not at a fixed address. They are mobile. So, in your planning remember that we bring the ultimate Escape Room to you!

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Call or email our professional staff with details of your event (where, when, how many participants etc). With our extensive experience, we can help you make it memorable and engaging.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Note – Event planners will get some great tips from our Successful Event Planning blog.


6 Unique Event Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work

6 Unique Event Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work

Many schools and work places will bounce back to “almost normal” in coming months. After a year of Zoom conferences and online learning, and the summer holidays, how do you welcome them back?

Why not have a “Bounce back to School or Work” event? Here are some ideas:

1 Fun Run Obstacle Course

With names like the Adrenaline Rush, Ninja Warriors, and Toxic Shock, a fun run is an amazing way to help teams bounce back. Just look at the pictures on this link and you can see why they are amongst our favourite “WOW Factor” events.

2 Water Slides

A great way to bounce back to school in the summer months are our water slides. The incredible Log Jammer Extreme or smaller slides such as the Wave Crush or Jump N Splash will excite any audience.

In the cooler months try the dry slides such as the Ninja Warped Wall, the Screamer, or the giant Sabre Tooth Tiger dry slide.

3 Interactive Games

Another bounce back to school or work event are the interactive games. They are suitable for adults or children.

You can have a sports event which includes interactive inflatables such as the Soccer Shootout, Target Soccer and Footy Passing games, or the Basketball Shootout. We even have the Soccer Radar Challenge where the speed of your kick is measured with a radar gun. We also have a giant Soccer Dome for debriefing the activities.

Alternatively try our Mobile Escape Rooms where teams try to solve various activities to escape from Space Aliens, Enemy Spies or various other Villains. Schools will be interested in our Save the Planet and Save Nature escape rooms which provide learning about conservation, recycling and other environmental issues.

The Bungee Run and Hippo Chow Down are also fun and funny bounce back to work or school activities.

4 Jumping Castles

It doesn’t matter what age, everyone loves a jumping castle. Furthermore, for extra fun try a combo castle which has obstacles such as ladders and slides built in to add to the experience.

5 Mobile Video Gaming Trailer

This is a unique back to school or work activity. Instead of travelling to a fixed video gaming site, we bring our mobile video gaming trailer to you. Up to 20 players can enjoy over 70 video games in air conditioned comfort. All the major Play Station, Nintendo and Xbox games are available. Also, we supply a Video Gaming Ambassador to set up the games and assist the gamers to get started.

6 Charity Event

It’s amazing how raising funds for those less fortunate gets a school or work community together. Have a “Dunk the Teacher or Boss” activity with a Dunk Tank. Raise some more funds with carnival food sales.

Also, for even more fund raising ideas see our Blog.

Contact us for more Back to School or Work Ideas

Call or email our professional staff with details of your bounce back to school or work event (where, when, how many participants etc). With our extensive experience, we can help you make it memorable and engaging.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

Corporate Customers Ph: (02) 9829 8653 | Private Parties Ph: (02) 9829 8929 or sales@bubblingwithenergy.com.au

Unit 6/14 Stennett Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565
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Note – Event planners will get some great tips from our Successful Event Planning blog.

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms are Here

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms for Hire Sydney

Most Escape Rooms are in fixed venues, but we have inflatable mobiles we can bring to you. Consequently, if you have a suitably sized backyard or open area we can quickly set up the inflatable mobile escape room. It will add a heap of fun to your party or celebratory event.

Birthday parties, council or community fun days, corporate team building, teen celebrations, and fund raisers are all suitable events for our Inflatable Mobile Escape Room. Youth groups and OOSH centres will also love our escape rooms.

Additionally, we have a number of themes to choose from:

The Alien Escape Room.

Participants enter the Escape Room carrying a golden egg which a Vogon alien is trying to find. However, to get to safety they have to complete a number of activities which reveal a 4 digit code. On completion, the 4 digit code opens the rear exit door to safety.

Heroes and Villains Escape Room.

Your heroes team are trying to escape from an ugly and cruel villain. So, in the mobile inflatable escape room they first have to find a torch. After that, they decode a cipher, solve an animal clue, and work out a backwards message to get their 4 digit exit code.

Mission Possible (as distinct from Mission Impossible) Escape Room.

Your team are an Australian Mission Possible spy team trying to save the world from enemy spies. They want the chemical formula hidden in your golden egg. So, the Mission Possible teams will build a rocket and complete a spy quiz. Also they will decode a chemical elements activity etc while the enemy spies are on their heels.

Who will Participate in the Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms?

The activities are designed for ages 10 upwards. Teams of 4 to 6 persons will work together. It will challenge them while they have fun. Most clients are requesting 15-20 minute Inflatable Mobile Escape Room events so that multiple groups can pass through. However, 45 minute (or longer) events are also available. Our themed activities are unique. They were specifically designed for Bubbling With Energy and are not “off the shelf” type activities purchased online.

Also, we have a “Mission Possible for Adults”, and a “Corporate Spies Escape Room” theme for team building sessions with corporate groups. We will even supply suitable questions for company Leaders to use in a team building debrief.

Furthermore, for an extra charge, other themes of your choice can be developed. Think Ghosts and Ghouls, Monsters Incorporated, Merlins and Magicians, Top Secret, Treasure Hunt and Escape from Uluru.

Additionally, some clients are also hiring our inflatable interactive games with the mobile escape room.

Finally, event planners will be interested in our BLOG Successful Event Planning.

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Jumping Castles for Hire in Sydney

Jumping Castles for Hire in Sydney

Hire a jumping castle in Sydney from Bubbling With Energy (BWE) Entertainment. We are Australia’s most experienced amusement hire company with over 27 years in the industry. Our client events range from small backyard birthday parties to special celebrations. Also we provide inflatables for school fund raisers, sports club activities, and large corporate and council events.

Our huge range of products include large and small jumping castles (sometimes called bouncy castles), themed castles, and combo’s. Also, we hire out other amusements such as inflatable obstacle courses and interactive games. Furthermore, carnival rides and dry or water slides are also popular products

Jumping Castles

Our inflatable jumping castles for hire in Sydney range from toddler size, to larger castles for teens and even adults. For instance, the space required for our small Dora the Explorer castle is L:7m x W:6.5m x H:5m. Our extra large Euro Bouncer requires an area of 7.5m (L) x 5.5m (W) x 6m (H).  You just need to tell us the size of your backyard or event play area. We will find an inflatable to suit. They can be set up in school yards, parks, and some of the smaller inflatables can even be erected in community halls.

If you are having a children’s birthday party, we can provide a themed inflatable. These include Disney Characters like Frozen, Cinderella and Princess, TV characters like Paw Patrol and P J Mask, and superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. Check out our range of themed castles at this link.

Jumping Castle Combos

A jumping castle combo is a Sydney jumping castle for hire which is more than just a bouncy inflatable. For instance our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle C5 is a bouncy castle rental for children up to 13 years. This popular combo inflatable has a jumping area, climbing ladder, slide, pop-ups and a basketball hoop.

See our range of large and small combos for all size events here. Additionally, the combo themes include Star Wars, the World of Disney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Toy Story.

More About Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

Finally, we deliver to all of Sydney and Wollongong. Our staff are fully trained to provide a safe and fun event for you. Also, we have the AM-SAFE Credential which means we are annually audited and accredited for safety and professional management. Furthermore, all of our inflatables are SafeWork NSW inspected and accredited.

So, let us make your next jumping castle hire in Sydney a memorable success.

Contact us

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment https://www.bubblingwithenergy.info/ ,

have been in operation for over 27 years.

So, contact us for all your Sydney Jumping Castle backyard, school, charity, and company event hires:

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Team Building Debrief Questions


Many of our clients use inflatable obstacles courses, jumping castles, dry and water slides and interactive games as team building activities on courses and at company seminars and events.

The fun part is “playing the game” but don’t lose sight of why you are having that activity. It needs to be suitable debriefed so that the maximum learning can be extracted from the team building activities.

If you are the corporate trainer or event organiser using inflatables for team building events, here are some pertinent questions you can use in debriefing the team building activity. They are not in any particular order as not every question will suit your circumstances. Therefore, we suggest you select around 10 of them for your debrief.

Team Building Debrief Questions

  1. How do you feel now?
  2. What did you learn about your team in that activity?
  3. What did you learn about yourself as a team player?
  4. Did you select a Leader? How and why was that person selected?
  5. How were team roles selected? In hindsight, was that successful?
  6. Did anyone think of selecting a “safety” officer for the activity? Why or why not?
  7. How did your team communicate? Was it successful?
  8. What tactics or processes did you use to complete the task?
  9. What behaviours were particularly effective in accomplishing the team objective?
  10. Were you conscious of time through the activity? Does this relate to time management in the workplace? How?
  11. How did you start the activity? Did you give enough time to think about and discuss with the team how to accomplish it?
  12. After the team building activity did your team use questions to debrief?
  13. How did the team handle those who were struggling to do the task?
  14. If you were struggling to do the task, how did you get through it?
  15. What obstacles to working as a high performing team did you face?
  16. How did the team handle conflict?
  17. In terms of working as a team, what would you do differently next time?
  18. (If appropriate) What feedback would you like to give to your activity team leader?
  19. What did you learn today that you will take back to the workplace?
  20. Is there anything in the workplace that should be changed as a result of what you learned during the team building activities?

Read our CEO’s LinkedIn article about using Inflatables for Team Building activities. You will then see how useful these team building debrief questions are for your event.

About Bubbling With Energy

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment https://www.bubblingwithenergy.info/ ,

have been in operation for over 27 years. Talk to us now about your next event.

If you liked the Team Building Debrief Questions, contact us for more Team Building with Inflatables Ideas:

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9 Unique Sports Club Presentation Day Ideas

9 Unique Sports Club Presentation Day Ideas

It’s nearing the end of the sports season and you need to organise the Sports Club Presentation Day. Your motto for this event should be “Don’t end it on a flat note!”


  1. You want the children who have joined your Club to come back for next year’s season. They are creatures of habit and will sign up year after year if they know there’s a great party at the end of the sporting season.
  2. Then there are your volunteer Coaches and Club officials. They put so much effort into the sports club “in season” activities. The Presentation Day event needs to be memorable so that they feel appreciated, and will put even more effort into the next season.
  3. Finally, you’ve got the parents. They need to see that they have placed their child in a vibrant Club which not only recognises talent, but is a friendly and fun place for their child to belong.

So how can you achieve top marks in those three “Why’s”?

The most successful Sports Club Presentation Days seem to be outdoor events in a park or a community hall with a grassed area beside it. So, you’ve got the trophies and/or certificates organised. An Emcee has been appointed, and an audio system is ready for the big day. But what can you add to give the WOW factor?

Bubbling With Energy has been in operation for over 27 years. It is one of the largest and most experienced entertainment hire companies in Australia. Let us share our experiences in hiring out “WOW factor” amusement devices to Sporting Clubs for their end of year Presentation Day events. Some of these ideas are also great for attracting new players on your club registration days.

1 Obstacle Courses Sydney

Sports Clubs are physical entities. So, some Clubs opt for the more physical inflatables in our Obstacle Courses range. These include devices such as the Extreme Fun Run, Adrenaline Rush, and the Toxic Radical Junior. The names reflect the physical nature of these inflatables.

Click the Obstacle Course descriptors here and you will see why they have the WOW factor.

2 Interactive Games Sydney

You may have seen Channel 9’s Footy Show hosts such as Paul Vautin, Erin Moran, and Darryl Brohman fight it out on some of our interactive games and obstacles such as the Toxic Wipeout, the Stunt Jump, and the ever popular Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course.

We also have Target Soccer and Footy Passing inflatables, the incredible Human Table Football Combo, and the Inflatable Sports Zone Arena. The latter comprises an inflatable indoor soccer arena, volleyball, basketball and twister. It’s a huge hit for all ages.

You can have the same activities at your Sports Presentation event. Click Sports Inflatables for more information and pictures of how these activities contribute to the WOW factor at your event.

3 Water Slides Sydney

When their Sports Club Presentation Day event is in the summer months, our Water Slides are a big hit. They have spellbinding names like our most popular slide called The Screamer, Wild Rapids, the gigantic Mammoth Mountain Drop, Aqua Rush, and the Log Jammer Extreme. Add our famous Dunk Tank to the event (get a favourite coach to be the “dunkee”) and you will have created a very memorable occasion. Club members will ask “Wow, how can they top that next season?”

In the cooler months our Dry Slides and Obstacle Courses such as the Adrenalin Rush, Large Monkey, Dual Lane, and Extreme Fun Run will add just as much WOW factor excitement to the event.

Click Water Slides or Dry Slides for more information.

4 Jumping Castles Sydney

Every child loves a Jumping castle! We have a wide range to cater to all ages and sizes. They have catchy names like Jurassic, Jungle Adventure, Disney Frozen, Justice League, Cameron the Kiddipillar, and Spiderman.

Some of our castles such as the Red and Blue are “2 in 1”. They have a bouncing area as well as another feature such as a basketball hoop, a pop up, or a slide.

Click Jumping Castles to see our incredible range of WOW factor jumping castles.

5 Junior Footy Club Events

Here’s another Sports Club presentation idea. Are you arranging an end of season club celebration, or mid season family fun day, or want to attract potential players to your registration day? Or, you may be a feeder school wanting to have a footy themed celebration.

Check out our new range of Rugby League Club footy themed jumping castles, 6 in 1 combo’s, and obstacle courses. As seen at many Club home games and fan days, you can choose themes aligned to Bulldogs, Dragons, Eels, Tigers, Panthers, Rabbits, Roosters and Sea Eagles. Just imagine you are a Penrith Panthers aligned junior club. So, you set up a Panther on the Prowl Obstacle Course and Junior Jumper jumping castle at your club pre season registration day. This is a great way to attract players and start the year off with excitement and fun.

6 Junior Soccer Club Events

We also have sports club presentation ideas for junior soccer clubs. Check out our range of soccer themed products. For your registration day, mid season family fundraiser, or presentation day, you can have the incredible inflatable soccer shootout, the giant soccer darts, billiard soccer, or even an indoor inflatable soccer arena. The latter is great because it’s fully enclosed and the balls just bounce off the walls, and not into neighbour’s gardens.

During the season, if you want to increase the speed and accuracy of your players kicks, hire the Soccer Radar Challenge. The player kicks the ball to the target, and our radar gun reads the speed. The display tells you how fast the ball was travelling. Also it can be used for cricket and baseball players.

Furthermore, for both footy and soccer fans we have inflatable target soccer and footy passing, and mini inflatable football passing activities.

If you are having a Gala Day, consider our 25m and 20m long inflatable soccer fields. We have two of each for hire. They are great for running separate events, and keeping spectators off the field of play. Hire all four and you can have a six a side game on one; a coaching clinic on another; a target shooting competition on another, and a goalie challenge on the fourth! Some clubs also hire the fields for soccer boot camps.

NOTE: Junior hockey clubs can use the same fields for their activities.

7 Optional Extras for your Sports Club Presentation Day

Add to the exciting atmosphere of your event with optional extras such as Carnival Food. These are sno cones, popcorn or fairy floss. We also have Party performers such as face painters, temporary tattoo artists, and a roaming clown.

8 Safety First

For all of these events we have trained professional staff who can set up and supervise your amusement hire. Our vehicles are tracked so we know where they are and can advise you if there is a slight delay. All our employees have a working with children check. For event organisers, we can even supply access to a video explaining proper safety procedures when using inflatables.

9 Promoting Your Sports Club Presentation Day Event

Imagine the excitement you can generate for your event if you advertise the names of some of the activities you will be using. The Screamer, Adrenaline Rush, the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course are catchy names which will attract attention. Feature them in your newsletters and event advertising.

If you have company sponsors, we can feature their signage by “velcroing” it on our inflatable obstacle courses or jumping castles. Sponsors like to be appreciated and get some value for their money. This is an effective and easy way to do it.

A Final Note about your Sports Club Presentation Day

Remember that at the start of this Blog we said that for a successful Sports Club Presentation Day you need to take on the attitude of “Don’t end it on a flat note!” So, with the extensive examples above we hope you can see how you can achieve a WOW factor event that will keep your members signing up each year; recognise and appreciate your volunteers; and, ensure that parents know they have signed their child up to a vibrant, fun and friendly Club.

What our CEO says?

Lastly, read BWE’s CEO Mark Rubiolo’s blog on LinkedIn about using inflatables for team building.


Bubbling With Energy Entertainment https://www.bubblingwithenergy.info/

have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

The year is coming to an end and you have the job of Planning a Corporate Christmas party event for your colleagues, to celebrate the past year.

Bubbling With Energy have lots of experience in helping people plan memorable events at times like this. Here are some tips:

Decide the date and venue?

This will impact on what kind of activities you will have at the event. For example, you may be using a large room at the office, a conference venue, a park, a restaurant, or a local community hall and outdoor area.

What’s your budget?

This will also impact on the food, drinks and activities.

Decide a theme.

This adds to the excitement, the design, and the uniqueness of the event. It could be a pink (or other colour) party, a letter of the alphabet party, a true-blue Aussie casual dress or national costume event, a fundraiser for a charity or major disaster event, a Christmas Mask or Bad Christmas outfit party, a pool party, or a fun in the outdoors event. See Event Birdie or StyleCaster for more theme ideas.

Who’s coming?

It may be staff only, or with their families, or you may be inviting valued clients to the event. Are there any with special food needs? The trick in planning and creating a memorable Corporate Christmas Party event is to match the activities at the event to the people who are coming. For example, companies such as Call Centres, where the majority of staff are Under 35’s, may prefer a more physical event.

6 Unique Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Here are some amazing Corporate Christmas Party activity ideas to help you:


Don’t hire a Pub … set up your own! We can install a medium or large sized inflatable Pub in a community hall or outdoor area. You can decorate it with your company, theme or “Merry Christmas” etc signage velcroed to the structure.

Add to the adult excitement with a mechanical bull, mechanical can, or even a mechanical football. Some companies also hire the Human Wrecking Ball or Human Whack a Mole activities from our Party range to add to the excitement of the event.


Have you thought about having an entertainment activity such as a temporary tattoo artist (yes, the tattoos wash off); a roaming clown or magician; Santa Claus; a set of 1980’s style arcade games; or Face Painters Fun (for kids and adults).

You can also hire a cash grabber machine. You may have seen the cash grabber machine on TV. A contestant stands in the centre of the machine and has a certain time in which to catch the “money” being fast blasted around them. Substitute “money” with 50 or so pieces of coloured paper. On 2 or 3 of them offer prizes such as Christmas cookies, chocolates, or a day off!


When Planning a Corporate Christmas Party you may decide to have a company picnic. But how can you give it the Wow factor? Adult and child jumping castles, spectacular dry or water slides, and challenging obstacle courses can add to the fun of a company picnic. Depending on the size and budget of your event, a variety of activities can be set up in a picnic area to entertain your guests.

Some companies also hire the famous Dunk Tank. See how much fun it is to “dunk” the CEO or a favourite Manager! Add some Carnival Food and a Roaming Santa and your day will be complete.


Did you know you can have a small or large inflatable water park set up on a swimming pool? Hire a private or council pool and we can set it up for an incredible day of fun.


Set up a parade of Sports inflatables such as the soccer, basketball, football and golf shootouts; or the inflatable sports zone which comprises an inflatable indoor soccer arena with zones for volleyball, basketball and twister. It has the added challenge of doing those activities on a bouncy floor.

Alternatively we also have an inflatable Beach Volleyball arena.


You may have seen this on Channel 9’s Footy Show where we set up a challenging Ninja Warriors obstacle course which included the famous Stunt Jump! The Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course package includes challenges such as running, climbing, sliding, bouncing, jumping and stunt falling with our Toxic Water Slide, Toxic Wipeout Challenge, Toxic Radical Junior Obstacle Course and Stunt Jump! You can do the same course as Paul Vautin, Darryl Brohman and Erin Moran!

If you want a Corporate Christmas Party that no one will forget, the Ninja Warriors Challenge might be the ticket!


Planning a Corporate Christmas Party may not be the only event you organise. Of course, all of these ideas are not just suitable for a Christmas party. You might also find them useful for a product launch or brand activation; a valued client party; an end of financial year celebration; a team building activity; or just an occasional event to keep everyone motivated.


Don’t do it all yourself. Bubbling With Energy have experienced staff who are happy to help you design the very best Corporate Christmas Party event. Contact us now with your enquiry.


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