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Being sports fanatics here at Bubbling With Energy, we thought we would treat our customers with this extremely fun game of Billiard Soccer. If you’re looking for team building ideas, this will be sure to make participants get competitive, team up and work together to win. It is also great for children at school or sports club events.

This item is one of the proven team building ideas that works very well for corporate events. It links the bar atmosphere of playing a game of pool with a creative inflatable variation to get the shy adult colleagues working together. Therefore, through the power of play, billiard soccer can get colleagues to open up, work together and break down the hierarchical and social boundaries that exist in a corporate environment. Companies that invest in team building ideas for their staff see a direct increase in collaboration and a better social environment at work.

The rules of the game itself are simple: the person or team who pots all their balls first, and the black, wins!

For the ultimate team building experience, see Bubble Soccer.


Space required
4.5m W x 7m W x 0.65m H

Power required
Standard Power Supply.


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Backyard Party Schools, charities & sports clubs Corporate

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4 hours – $395
7 hours – $445

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4 hours – $395
7 hours – $445


4 hours – $570
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4 hours – $555
7 hours – $655


4 hours – $610
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