Bungee run inflatable hire Sydney

The bungee run inflatable is sure to knock the socks off all contestants. Aim of the game: run as far as you can and plant your velcro before plunging back. Also called Horizontal Bungee Run or Bungee Fun Run, this inflatable is designed for fun. Customers hire this inflatable for a 21st, 30th, 40th and teenage parties, as well as engagement parties, company presentations and picnics.

The bungee run inflatable has 2 laneways where participants are strapped to bungee ropes to see how far up the lane they can go! The Bungee Fun Run is exciting and challenging. Book your Bungee Fun Run today!

Lastly, for adult hires, Bubbling With Energy Entertainment will provide ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristbands free of charge.

90cm wide with no steps to the set up area.

Space required
L 10m x W 4m x H 3m

Power required
Standard power supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard Party / OOSH CentresSchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a Backyard Party / OOSH Centre? CLICK HERE

Backyard Party / OOSH Centre Pricing


2 Hours – $625
3 hours – $725
4 hours – $825

Not a school, charity or sports club? CLICK HERE

Schools, charity & sports club pricing


2 Hours – $765
3 Hours – $825
4 Hours – $925

Not a corporate? CLICK HERE

Corporate Pricing


2 Hours – $850
3 Hours – $915
4 Hours – $975

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