Aqua Rush Dry Inflatable obstacle course

The Aqua Rush Dry Inflatable is our newest obstacle course Sydney package. It is basically the same as the Aqua Rush Water Obstacle Course, except it is without water and the two Slip N Slides.

This large inflatable arrived a few years ago and it has been super popular ever since. It is officially our most sought after attraction as it caters for team building, corporate events, school fetes, Christmas parties, sports presentation days and backyards.

It is completely modular, meaning you can hire out one of the sides or the middle piece.

This inflatable requires a water tap within 10 metres of set up.

Rather something a little smaller? Take a look at our Jump N Splash range or our other water slides. We have something for all backyard and event sizes. Also, for adult hires, Bubbling With Energy Entertainment will provide ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristbands, free of charge.

How the Aqua Rush Dry Inflatable Obstacle Course works

Two contestants begin at the two entry holes of the Aqua Rush Dry Inflatable obstacle course. Continuing over the hump, under the net, over the small rock climbing wall, around the back and through the inflatable barriers, up the tall rock climbing wall and down the slide, exiting from the front of the obstacle course.

Book with us because!

  • Our obstacle course dry inflatables such as the Aqua Rush comply with all relevant Australian Standards (AS3533). This includes fire retardant material, anchor points, design and SafeWork requirements (where applicable).
  • We only use the correct matting at entry and exit points.
  • Our installers will provide you with a wind meter to monitor winds conditions on the day.
  • Installation of the Obstacle Course will be done by highly trained staff who will go through an online installation checklist with you.
  • Also, risk assessments are available upon request for all our products.
  • All staff have working with children checks.
  • Furthermore, we are the only amusement hire company in the world offering a training video to hirers where you don’t have one of our operators present. The video allows you to know how to keep the kids safe when you hire and monitor an inflatable yourself.

This is a popular obstacle course, so book it early.

Let us help you to have the WOW factor at your next event.

We just require direct vehicle access to the set up area. If you don't have the minimum access please contact us on 98298929 to discuss alternatives.

Space required
15m L x 8m W x 4.5m H

Power required
Standard power supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard Party / OOSH Centres Schools, charities & sports clubs Corporate

Not a Backyard Party / OOSH Centre? CLICK HERE

Backyard Party / OOSH Centre Pricing


Dry (3 parts)
4 Hours  –  $995
7 Hours  –  $1180
Overnight  –  $1300

Wet (All 5 parts)
4 Hours – $1,095
7 Hours – $1,250

Per section (side or middle piece)
4 Hours  –  $660
7 Hours  –  $760
Overnight  –  N / A

Not a school, charity or sports club? CLICK HERE

Schools, charity & sports club pricing


Dry (3 parts)
2 Hours – $1,295
3 Hours – $1,445
4 Hours – $1,595
5 Hours – $1,740
6 Hours – $1,885
7 Hours – $1,995

Wet (All 5 parts)
2 Hours – $1,270
3 Hours – $1,475
4 Hours – $1,680
5 Hours – $1,885
6 Hours – $2,090
7 Hours – $2,295

Not a corporate? CLICK HERE

Corporate Pricing


Dry (3 parts)
2 Hours – $1360
3 Hours – $1470
4 Hours – $1580
5 Hours – $1690
6 Hours – $1800
7 Hours – $1910

Wet (All 5 parts)
2 Hours – $1,395
3 Hours – $1,625
4 Hours – $1,855
5 Hours – $2,085
6 Hours – $2,315
7 Hours – $2,545

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