Incredible Heart Inflatable

If you are exhibiting at a Medical conference or need a unique way to activate your brand, ask us about the Incredible Heart Inflatable. It’s also a great way to feature healthy heart activities during a wellness or healthy lifestyle campaign.

Make Medical Events Great

Sadly, heart attack campaigns and the Covid19 pandemic have made us more aware of the importance of having a healthy heart. But how do you attract people to talk with you about your healthy heart-oriented products or awareness campaigns. Well, imagine the Incredible Heart Inflatable as the centre-piece of your next exhibit at a Medical Conference. Or, why not use it to feature a healthy lifestyle, or in heart fitness campaigns.

Additionally, it’s great for heart association(s) fund raisers. If you are a charity for stroke victims, heart research programs, cardiovascular rehabilitation services etc, think of the opportunities a giant heart inflatable can offer to attract sponsors and learners. And, for those tasked with explaining the effects of Covid19 on the heart, the Incredible Heart Inflatable makes the training or awareness campaign all the more real.

Hospitals, fitness centres, and new medical centres also use this new inflatable. For example, imagine entering a Hospital fund raising event by walking through the inflatable heart! It WILL attract a crowd.

The Incredible Inflatable Heart is big enough inside to sit a group of students. To assist teachers, we have developed a free Teaching Resource Sheet. It’s designed to assist teachers to discuss the biology, diseases, and other health issues around hearts. Additionally, one Teaching Resource Sheet is for primary school children, and a more detailed one is for teenagers and adults. As mentioned below, we also have Incredible Brain, Lungs and Colon inflatables. Also, some schools or organisations may opt to use all four organs. Groups of students or participants can go to each organ station to learn about it.

Alternatively, set up the Incredible Heart Inflatable as an attraction at your next fund-raising fete, or healthy lifestyle or wellness festival.

Incredible Heart Inflatable activities

Here is a list of the types of activities where the Incredible Heart Inflatable could be featured:

  • Medical Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Medical product brand activations
  • Museum exhibits or open days
  • Medical association campaigns such as awareness of Covid19 on the heart, healthy living, diseases of the heart, preventing strokes etc
  • Medical charity fund raising, fun runs, fetes etc
  • School biology classes
  • University School of Medicine open days
  • Hospital exhibitions, fetes, fund raisers
  • Company or Council “Wellness” or “Healthy Lifestyle” promotions
  • Fitness Centre events
  • Medical products marketing
  • Medical training
  • Television advertisements
  • New Hospital or Medical Centre openings

Note that this list is not exhaustive. Consequently, if you have a medical campaign or heart-oriented pharmaceutical product, we can help you with it.

Feature Your Organisation

As you can see in the pictures, there is plenty of room for your marketing. You can use pop up banners featuring your healthy Heart-oriented product. So, if you are a brand looking for a unique brand activation, this is a great event idea for you.

Additionally, some customers who hire the Incredible Heart Inflatable, also hire other products such as sports inflatables or obstacles courses.

Also check out our other medical inflatables such as the Incredible Brain, Incredible Colon, and Incredible Lungs.

About Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

Bubbling with Energy has been operating for over 27 years. It is one of Australia’s premier amusement hire companies. We have now added medical inflatables such as the Incredible Heart to our suite of products. So, call us now on 02 9829 8929. Discuss with our professional staff how we can help you with your next medical oriented event.

Furthermore, do you want to purchase a medical inflatable for a major awareness campaign? Please call us for a free quote.

Finally, we have enormous event experience. So, let us help you with providing WOW Factor attractions at your next medical event.


Space required
7m L x 5m W x 5m H

Power required
2 x 10amp/240v power point

Peak season charges may apply


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