Inflatable Battleship Game for Hire Sydney

Our new Inflatable Battleship takes the popular board game to a new dimension. How? Because our Inflatable Battleship is life size. It’s the newest addition to our inflatable games products.

Hire it for your next interactive social or sports club event, birthday party, special celebration, or team building activity. It’s easy to set up and will offer loads of competitive fun to your event.

How to Play

The normal battle ship game rules apply, except participants are on either side of a giant inflatable wall. You can make it a team event by have 2 or 3 players on either side of the wall. They can then decide tactics.

As you can see on the pics, each side has boxes depicting the “enemy ships” and “my ships”. The battleships are velcro based black strips under the “my ships” box. Participants have to decide where they will place their ships, without revealing where they are to the player on the opposite side. They then try to guess where the other enemy player has placed a ship. If the guess is correct then you have sunk that ship. The first player to “sink” all the enemy’s ships is the winner.

The Inflatable Battleship Game is just one of our many interactive inflatables. If you’ve got the space and the enthusiastic crowd hire a couple of interactive inflatables such as our Mini Inflatable Soccer Shootout or the Inflatable Connect a Shot.

Why you should book with us

Having been in operation for over 27 years we are Sydney’s largest and best amusement hire company for inflatables. Check out what we offer:

  • Our vehicles have tracking devices allowing us to monitor our installers movements to ensure you have a trouble free hire.
  • Our products, such as the Inflatable Battleship Game, comply with all relevant Australian Standards (AS3533). This includes fire retardant material, anchor points, design and SafeWork requirements (where applicable).
  • We only use the correct matting at entry and exit points.
  • Our installers will provide you with a wind meter to monitor winds conditions on the day.
  • Installation will be done by highly trained staff who will go through an online installation checklist with you.
  • Also, risk assessments are available upon request for all our products.
  • All staff have working with children checks.
  • Furthermore, we are the only amusement hire company in the world offering a training video to hirers where you don’t have one of our operators present. The video allows you to know how to keep the kids safe when you hire and monitor an inflatable yourself.

Finally, we want your business. We will ensure your journey with us is easy, safe and trouble free. Above all, book your Inflatable Battleship Game with the knowledge we are offering value to all our services with inflatables of the highest quality.

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Battleships game? Read about it here.

Also, we are a carbon neutral company. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we annually purchase carbon credits to maintain our carbon neutral status. By booking with Bubbling With Energy Entertainment you are assisting us in planting more trees. This is our contribution to a better natural environment for all!

So, book your Inflatable Battleship Game now!


Space required
2.5m L x 2.5m W x 1.5m H

Power required
1 10amp (normal power point)


Choose your party type

Backyard Party / OOSH CentresSchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

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Backyard Party / OOSH Centre Pricing


4 Hours – $365
7 Hours – $425

Overnight – $535

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Schools, charity & sports club pricing


4 Hours – $365
7 Hours – $425


2 Hours – $420

Additional $85 every hour after.

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Corporate Pricing


4 Hours – $395
7 Hours – $495


2 Hours – $420

Additional $85 every hour after.

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