Mechanical Bull Hire Sydney


Ride the best Mechanical Bull in Sydney with wide with a joystick controlled unit and computer aided system. Great for backyard hires with a smaller compact inflatable measuring at 6.5m L x 5m W (Brown inflatable and 6m L x 6m W (Yellow inflatable).

Authentic Cow Hide and a Safe Soft Bull Head

Book with Bubbling With Energy,  the leader of Mechanical Bull Hire in Sydney. Using authentic real cowhide which we replace regularly to make sure our Bulls are always looking and feeling great. Cheaper Mechanical Bulls in the market use carpet. Injuries can occur on Mechanical Bulls mainly due to the bull head hitting part of your body after falling. So, we provide a soft bull head (our Bulls have a soft brown head but be careful if other operators offer a black bull head as it will be a hard head).

Safework NSW requirements

Safework NSW require all Bulls to be inspected yearly by a qualified mechanical engineer and electrical engineer and have it registered with SafeWork NSW. When booking a Mechanical Bull always check that the Bull is registered. Consequently, no registration could void any insurance cover.


A minimum age limit of 8 years and above is recommended. Patrons should be able to mount the Bull unassisted. Our experienced supervisors will only operate the Mechanical Bull to a speed appropriate to the ability of the riders. This is to ensure that the riders remain safe and happy on their special day. Overall, the Mechanical Bull is a great way to ensure that your birthday party, or other celebration, is one to remember!


The Mechanical Bull Hire Sydney package will ensure everyone feels comfortable and has a day filled with laughter and fun.

The Mechanical Bull is perfect for all adult backyard parties including 21st, 30th, 50th etc, and hens and bucks parties.

Our experienced operators will ensure that your guests and colleagues enjoy their Mechanical Bull experience, and remain safe whilst doing so.

What exactly is a mechanical bull?

It is a machine-operated ride that gives a person the sensation that he or she is riding a bull. The mechanical bull has a saddle and a model head of a bull even complete with horns. Also, the speed of the bull can be adjusted to prevent injury. When a player is thrown off, the inflatable ring installed around the bull will safely cushion the fall. Mechanical bulls are great for every occasion including school functions or corporate events. Overall, the Mechanical Bull will take you on the ride of your life!

Lastly, for adult hires, Bubbling with Energy Entertainment will provide ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristbands free of charge upon request.

Other Mechanical Amusement Rides

Alternatively, we also have a Mechanical Beer Bottle, Mechanical Can, Mechanical Football and our X-Rated (18 years plus) Mechanical Willy.

Even if you don’t book us, read our safety Blog about Hiring a Mechanical Bucking Bull.

1m wide direct access with no steps and obstacles (wheelchair access)

Space required
6m L x 6m W x 4m H

Power required
2 x 10amp/240v power point


Choose your party type

Backyard Party / OOSH CentresSchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a Backyard Party / OOSH Centre? CLICK HERE

Backyard Party / OOSH Centre Pricing

Backyard (Different Inflatable surround)

2 Hours – $725
3 hours -$845
4 hours – $965

Not a school, charity or sports club? CLICK HERE

Schools, charity & sports club pricing


2 Hours – $755
3 hours – $875
4 hours – $995

Not a corporate? CLICK HERE

Corporate Pricing


2 Hours – $955
3 hours – $1055
4 hours – $1155

Mechanical Bull (Corporate)

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