Pinball machine hire Sydney

Our focus is to be the best service offering pinball machine hire Sydney. We have a large variety of pinball machines to choose from for your backyard party or your large event. These machines are a great reminder of our childhood- especially with all these nostalgic themes! Pinball machines for hire in Sydney include:

Transformers Pinball Machine

Players choose from Decepticons or Autobots and fight it out for all of mankind. This is a great theme for all ages. It features 4 balls.

X-Men Pinball Machine

Players help Professor X and his entourage of X-Men fight the evil Magneto! It is a fast pinball game with a variety of multi ball selections.

KISS Pinball Machine

This is the latest remake by Stern (Stern is a massive American pinball company- the more you know!) This game features amazing music from the famous band.

Indiana Jones Pinball Machine

Players join Indiana Jones on an incredible adventure. There is even an 8 ball multi ball part of the game!

Simpsons Pinball Machine

Players join the Simpsons family and their friends in this fun pinball game. Also, Comic Book Guy is a star of the show.

AC/DC Pinball Machine

A standard pinball game with 12 original tracks from AC/DC. It is very fast and very fun!

Please note: images on this page are not photos of our equipment and are to be used as a guide only.

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