Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work

Ideas for Bouncing Back to School or Work Events

Many schools and work places will bounce back to “almost normal” in coming months. After a year of Zoom conferences and online learning, and the summer holidays, how do you welcome them back?

Why not have a “Bounce back to School or Work” event? Here are some ideas:

Fun Run Obstacle Course

With names like the Adrenaline Rush, Ninja Warriors, and Toxic Shock, a fun run is an amazing way to help teams bounce back. Just look at the pictures on this link and you can see why they are amongst our favourite “WOW Factor” events.

Water Slides

A great way to bounce back to school in the summer months are our water slides. The incredible Log Jammer Extreme or smaller slides such as the Wave Crush or Jump N Splash will excite any audience.

In the cooler months try the dry slides such as the Ninja Warped Wall, the Screamer, or the giant Sabre Tooth Tiger dry slide.

Interactive Games

Another bounce back to school or work event are the interactive games. They are suitable for adults or children.

You can have a sports event which includes interactive inflatables such as the Soccer Shootout, Target Soccer and Footy Passing games, or the Basketball Shootout. We even have the Soccer Radar Challenge where the speed of your kick is measured with a radar gun. We also have a giant Soccer Dome for debriefing the activities.

Alternatively try our Mobile Escape Rooms where teams try to solve various activities to escape from Space Aliens, Enemy Spies or various other Villains. Schools will be interested in our Save the Planet and Save Nature escape rooms which provide learning about conservation, recycling and other environmental issues.

Another popular activity is our Mobile Video Gaming Theatre. Up to 20 players can sit in the air-conditiined comfort of our mobile theatre (in your yard or a local park) and play Minecraft, Worms, Halo and other famous video games.

The Bungee Run and Hippo Chow Down are also fun and funny bounce back to work or school activities.

Jumping Castles

It doesn’t matter what age, everyone loves a jumping castle. For extra fun try a combo castle which has obstacles such as ladders and slides built in to add to the experience.

Contact us for more Back to School or Work Ideas

Call or email our professional staff with details of your bounce back to school or work event (where, when, how many participants etc). With our extensive experience, we can help you make it memorable and engaging.

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Corporate Kidnap – Abduct your boss for the day

‘Project: Boss Abduction’ – The best team building ideas are here!

Are you looking for a unique team building idea? Ever wondered what it would feel like to abduct your boss? I know this may sound mind-boggling! We at Bubbling With Energy Entertainment believe this is an ideal event. In addition, you can involve your employees and enhance their skills in a fun way.

Consequently, if you are looking for the best team building ideas, you came to the right place!

As hard working busy adults, we need to release that inner child! We have been itching inside us to get out and run wild once in a while. Most of all, a break from the busy working environment to relax and laugh is a must. Therefore, give your employees the opportunity to let loose! We promise with certainty they will be more productive.

In addition, we work with event managers and corporate companies to organize fun events. All these with learning outcomes for their employees!

What Mentally Friendly did

So, here’s one team building idea that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

There were no limits with “Project: Boss Abduction” for the Sydney based digital product studio, Mentally Friendly. 

Everyone coordinated an ambush of their unsuspecting boss mid-meeting. The employees ran into the meeting room on the boss’s birthday, put pillow cases and tape over his head and almost carried him to a private bus!

The entire company headed to a for-hire space at Sydney Olympic Park filled with inflatables. Then they finally removed the poor boss’s blindfolds. Everyone started playing on our slides! Some tried our jumping castles and mechanical surfboard. The team celebrated the whole afternoon with food and drinks. Some enjoyed watching their colleagues compete on the inflatables.

Furthermore, the Human Resources Manager at Mentally Friendly said it was a successful fun day for everyone.

Try something new

Finally, are you bored with your traditional corporate events? Try something new with Bubbling With Energy Entertainment. So, give us a call! We can discuss team building ideas that will improve productivity and camaraderie in your company.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment ,

have been in operation for over 27 years. So, talk to us now about your next event.

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