15 Popular Backyard Party Ideas

15 Popular Backyard Party ideas

Take a peek at 15 outdoor backyard party ideas which require little effort. We do all the work for you.

1 Jumping Castles with a theme

If you are having a birthday or family celebration with a theme, add to the excitement with a jumping castle. Toy Story, Superheroes, Princess, Frozen, Ninja Turtles … there are so many bouncy castle themes to choose from.

2 Giant Twister

Here’s number 2 of our 15 backyard party ideas. It’s a giant Twister game. The big difference is that ours is inflatable. Consequently, it’s like playing Twister on the moon but with a soft landing.

3 Extreme Video Gaming Trailer

Another of our unique 15 backyard party ideas is the Mobile Extreme Video Gaming Trailer. Our air-conditioned trailer/theatre includes multiple screens and can take up to 20 players at a time. You can pre-select from our catalogue of over 70 games. All the favourites are there such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Halo and Call of Duty.
As an added extra, hire out our Virtual Reality amusements. You will think your are flying just like Ironman!

4 Mobile Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage for entertainment at the moment. But rather than travel to a fixed venue, we can bring our mobile inflatable Escape Room to your back yard. Party-goers can compete in teams to see who can solve codes, quizzes and puzzles to get the exit code. Our unique mobile Escape rooms have themes such as Heroes and Villains, Aliens, and Mission Possible.

5 Battleships

Imagine the battleships board game is lifesize. Yes, our spectacular Battleships inflatable Game can be erected in your back yard. Just another of our extraordinary 15 backyard party ideas.

6 I P S target shooting

You have probably seen target shooting at the Royal Easter Show. Well, we bring our IPS Target Shooting game to you. Participants use a “Nerf” gun to fire soft pellets at the targets on the inflatable wall. The goal is to hit as many targets as possible. We also have an Axe Throwing inflatable (it’s okay, the axes are soft).

7 Soccer Radar Challenge

If you love your footy or soccer try the Soccer Radar Challenge. Players can take turns or team up to see which individual or team can kick a soccer or football the fastest! Our radar gun measures the speed.

8 Giant Soccer Darts

You don’t have to go to the local pub for a darts game. We will set up a giant soccer darts inflatable in your back yard. Score it just like a normal darts game. The difference is you kick a ball at the dart board.

9 Water slides

We couldn’t list 15 backyard party ideas without Water Slides. Imagine a Whale Water slide in your backyard! There will be a crescendo of”WOW’s”!

10 Gladiator Duel

Become your own Russell Crowe with an inflatable Gladiator Duel in your back yard.

11 Mechanical Bucking Bull

This is one of our most popular 15 backyard party ideas for 18 year olds and over. You can have a rodeo in the backyard with the Mechanical Bucking Bull. Or, try the other mechanical’s such as the Can, Bottle, Football, Surfboard or Snowboard.

12 Inflatable Obstacle Course

You may have seen the hosts of The Today Show or The Footy Show compete on one of our Ninja Warrior Obstacle courses. You can replicate that in your back yard. We have large and small obstacle courses (see pic above) to challenge your players while having heaps of fun.

13 Dunk Tank

The dunk tank lives up to it’s name. The audience competes to see who can dunk the ever willing “dunkee”. It’s a popular addition to out 15 backyard party ideas.

14 Foam Pit Fun

The inflatable foam pit is very popular in the summer months. It’s an inflatable filled with foam. Or, just hire the foam cannon and fill your whole back yard with foam for a foam disco party!

15 Inflatable Pub

The last of our 15 backyard party ideas is the Inflatable Pub. This is hugely popular for 18th birthday parties, 21st birthday parties and any other adult birthday party, engagement or wedding. It’s an Ettamogah type inflatable structure which is quite spectacular in an average back yard. So, why hire a marquee when you can have your own pub?

What about some extras?

Finally, Carnival Food such as popcorn, sno cones and fairy floss are a fantastic addition to any backyard party.

Also what about a magician or face painters. They add to the WOW factor of any backyard event. See details here.

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Australia Day Fun With Water Slides and Jumping Castles

Australia Day Fun With Water Slides and Jumping Castles

Are you looking for some fun ideas to celebrate Australia Day? Now you have an excuse to host an awesome party! And celebrating Australia Day with our water slides and jumping castles is an awesome idea.

Our spectacular water slides have fabulous names like Rapid Racer, Toxic, Lava and the Screamer. They come in all sorts of sizes. You can even get a Jump N Splash which is a combination slide and jumping castle. Many of our jumping castles have sun covers. The larger ones are combo castles with a bouncer, ladder, slide and pop ups (depending on the size).

Add to the Australia Day fun with some carnival food. There’s nothing more Australian than fairy floss and popcorn!

There are tons of ways to celebrate. You can show your national pride by grilling some meat on the barbie. You may also sing along to patriotic songs with your mates and watch the fireworks, too. But don’t forget to throw in some huge inflatables for everyone to enjoy!

Australia Day

Australia day is usually very hot! That makee our waterslides and jumping castles a hit all around Sydney. Over many years, we’ve celebrated the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove, over 200 years ago, with our customers. See the pics for the yearly Australia day event at Rooty Hill. With live music and heaps of fun activities for the whole family, we helped make it a memorable event. Our Screaming Water Slide was a huge success and the queue was endless.



Mega Screaming Water Slide: