Sno Cone And Fairy Floss Machine Tutorials

Sno Cone and Fairy Floss Machine tutorials are here! We have two new videos: How to use a Sno Cone machine and How to use a Fairy Floss machine.

We make it easier for our customers to operate the machines. Check them out!


How to Use a Fairy Floss Machine:

  1. Place your stick inside the bowl
  2. Twirl the stick in your fingers and also move in a counterclockwise direction
  3. Don’t roll the stick of floss along the side of the bowl. You might pick-up the waste which isn’t soft and fluffy. It makes the flossy heavy.
  4. Make sure you have the stick low to the bottom of the bowl so that the fairy floss grips the stick well. Make it to the size you want!
  5. Refill the sugar in the head every 4 to 5 sticks while the machine is on.

How to Use a Sno Cone Machine:

  1. Fill the gooseneck an inch from the top with ice cubes
  2. Turn the power switch on
  3. Apply firm downward pressure to the pusher handle to make the best snow
  4. Do not force the handle
  5. Scoop and serve the ice, adding flavor after the ice is in a cone.
  6. Unplug snow cone machine when not in use
  7. Do not put anything other than ice on the gooseneck to avoid damage
  8. Keep fingers away from the shaver body when motor is running to prevent injury


Check the videos!