Hurricane carnival ride

Everyone loves the Hurricane carnival ride. The striking, six-armed tower spins contestants around, high above your event. With a 24 person capacity, it keeps the lines moving fast. With an age limit of 12 and over, the ride is great for events with many teenagers and adults.

The ride stands at 13 metres in the air and has 6 arms that hold a carriage, occupied by 4 adults/kids. The Hurricane carnival ride spins in a fast rotation, combined with a series of fast paced bounces. Ensuring all riders experience a fun, action-packed experience through bouncing arms, various speeds, centrifugal forces, as well as the feeling of weightlessness.

The Hurricane carnival ride lets out a combustion of air every time it hits the top making an exciting hissing noise, like you would hear at some of Australia’s biggest fairs and shows. Also, be sure to see the rest of our amazing range of carnival rides for hire in Sydney. All of our rides are insured, tested, serviced and operated by professional, experienced supervisors. Please note, we are able to collect tickets from participants if you are fundraising.

Lastly, if the Hurricane Carnival Ride is out of your budget, be sure to check out our incredible range of inflatables. They’re bigger, much lower in cost, easy to set up, and the most exciting form of modern event entertainment.

Direct semi trailer access is required to the set up area.

Space required
20m Circle

Power required
3-Phase power supply is required. However most jobs hire with a generator.


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4 Hours  –  $4,860
Each Hour thereafter – $880

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4 Hours  –  $4,860
Each Hour thereafter – $880

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