Mini Ferris Wheel hire in Sydney

Our Mini Ferris Wheel is great for the budget conscious events. Participants up to the age of 12 can ride on The Mini Ferris Wheel, which takes up to 18 people. Not to mention that if you have double gates you can actually have this carnival ride in your backyard. The little kids will love it. This is one of the few ferris wheels in Sydney that can fit indoors if you have the access. Also, film shoots and commercials have hired the ferris wheel as a prop.

School, corporate, charity and sports club events will find this to be a successful addition. All of our rides are tested, insured and kept to a very high standard.

Looking for something else with a nostalgic theme for your event? See our Nostalgic Carousel. Be sure to view our other amazing carnival rides for hire in Sydney. We have very professional and experienced operators that will ensure your event runs smoothly. We are also able to accept tickets from participants of your event is fundraising.

Lastly, if the Mini Ferris Wheel is out of your budget, be sure to check out our incredible range of inflatables. They’re bigger, much lower in cost, easy to set up, and the most exciting form of modern event entertainment.

Direct semi trailer access is required to the set up area.

Space required
6m L x 3m W x 6m H

Power required
3-Phase power supply is required. However, most jobs hire with a generator.


Choose your party type

Backyard Party Schools, charities & sports clubs Corporate

Not a backyard party?

Backyard Party Pricing

Please contact us for pricing. Phone 9829 8929 or email [email protected]

Not a school, charity or sports club?

Schools, charity & sports club pricing


4 Hours – $1860
Each Hour after – $270

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing


4 Hours – $1860
Each Hour after – $270

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