AM-SAFE Credential

What does an AM-SAFE Credential mean?

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment (BWE) has an AM-SAFE Credential.This means that BWE has been recognised for its commitment to professionalism and safety.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment has been accredited under the AM-SAFE Safety Support Program. The Amusement Industry peak body is the Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association Inc.(AALARA). They have accredited BWE under their AM-Safe Credential program. Consequently we are recognised as a compliant provider of amusement, leisure and recreation services. Furthermore, this recognition acknowledges that we work in accordance with Best Practice standards. Also, it acknowledges that we offer the best possible management, operation, and duty of care to our clients, guests and staff.

Consequently, to achieve an AM-SAFE Credential, BWE is annually audited to ensure we comply with the following standards:

1. Strict compliance at all times with the AALARA Code of Ethics.
2. Plus, a demonstrated culture of safety in all operational areas of their business.
3. Also, a commitment to risk identification, hazard management and risk minimisation in their business.
4. A commitment to the conduct of appropriate training and induction procedures for their staff.
5. A commitment to ensure compliance with relevant Occupational Health and Safety requirements in NSW.
6. A commitment to recording all appropriate information related to the safe and efficient operations of their business.
7. Finally, a commitment to work towards general best practice in the management of their business.

Additionally, for more information about the AM-SAFE Credential, check the AM-SAFE link here.

Why is it important to you?

Think about when you book an amusement device such as a jumping castle, inflatable obstacle course, or interactive game. You are putting your family, staff, club members etc in the hands of people you may not know. So, an AM-SAFE Credential organisation, such as Bubbling With Energy Entertainment, has been officially audited to ensure those concerns can be significantly allayed.

Finally, don’t risk booking your next event with a potentially unscrupulous company. Ask if they have an AM-SAFE Credential? If not, be safe and book with Bubbling With Energy.

Above all we will work with you to ensure your event is safe and handled professionally.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment ,

have been in operation for over 27 years. Consequently that’s why we are recognised with an AM-SAFE Credential.

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