Ninja Warrior Obstacle is here to hire!!!

Our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is proving a hit!

You need to be quick, agile, courageous and have plenty of balance to take on our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course!! Consisting of crawl through obstacles, high leaps, steep climbs, slides, balancing on the wipe out balls and a death-defying plunge onto a stunt bag.

Our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course consists of several stages….

Stage 1 The Obstacle Course – Weave your way through this course by dodging tackle bags high and low before crawling through a tunnel and then reaching the steep climb before sliding to the exit. Speed and agility are essential as there isn’t much room to move. Add detergent to make this tough obstacle course extra difficult.

Stage 2 Toxic Wipeout Challenge – Climb the stairs to one of the most difficult obstacles in regards to skills. Do you take your time and focus on balance? or do you plough through as quickly as possible not giving the balls more than a second to deflate. The surprise to this item is exiting proves to be difficult for a lot of contestants. As seen on the NRL Footy Show Mario Fenech, Erin Molan, Darryl Broman and Paul ” Fatty” Vautin all struggled to exit.

See the Footy Show tackle our Ninja Warriors Course here…

Stage 3 Stunt Jump – Now this may not be a challenge for everyone but if you are slightly uncomfortable with heights then the 6m platform will be the toughest challenge. Navigate up the steep ascent and peer down at the drop which is your final goal. Propel forward landing on your back and free fall until the stunt bag absorbs you!

To see more detailed pictures and descriptions of each of the items please use the links below.

Radical Junior – Toxic

Toxic Wipeout Challenge

Stunt Jump

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Backyard Party / OOSH Centre Pricing

Toxic radical junior:

4 Hours – $525
7 hours – $585

Toxic Wipeout Challenge:

4 hours – $725
7 hours – $825

Stunt Jump (Supervised):

$2600 – 4 hours
$350 p/h thereafter


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Schools, charity & sports club pricing


Toxic radical junior:

2 Hours – $785
4 Hours – $885
7 Hours – $1095

Toxic Wipeout Challenge:

2 hours – $725
3 hours – $875
4 hours – $1,025
Each hour thereafter – $150

Stunt Jump:

$2600 – 4 hours
$495 p/h thereafter



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Corporate Pricing


Toxic radical junior:

2 Hours – $795
3 Hours – $895
4 Hours – $995
7 Hours – $1195

Toxic Wipeout Challenge:

2 hours – $825
3 hours – $975
4 hours – $1,125
Each hour thereafter – $150

Stunt Jump:

4 Hours – $3,200
Every hour thereafter – $495


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