Planning a Corporate Christmas Party Sydney

Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

The year is coming to an end and you have the job of Planning a Corporate Christmas party event for your colleagues, to celebrate the past year.

Bubbling With Energy have lots of experience in helping people plan memorable events at times like this. Here are some tips:

Decide the date and venue?

This will impact on what kind of activities you will have at the event. For example, you may be using a large room at the office, a conference venue, a park, a restaurant, or a local community hall and outdoor area.

What’s your budget?

This will also impact on the food, drinks and activities.

Decide a theme.

This adds to the excitement, the design, and the uniqueness of the event. It could be a pink (or other colour) party, a letter of the alphabet party, a true-blue Aussie casual dress or national costume event, a fundraiser for a charity or major disaster event, a Christmas Mask or Bad Christmas outfit party, a pool party, or a fun in the outdoors event. See Event Birdie or StyleCaster for more theme ideas.

Who’s coming?

It may be staff only, or with their families, or you may be inviting valued clients to the event. Are there any with special food needs? The trick in planning and creating a memorable Corporate Christmas Party event is to match the activities at the event to the people who are coming. For example, companies such as Call Centres, where the majority of staff are Under 35’s, may prefer a more physical event.

6 Unique Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Here are some amazing Corporate Christmas Party activity ideas to help you:


Don’t hire a Pub … set up your own! We can install a medium or large sized inflatable Pub in a community hall or outdoor area. You can decorate it with your company, theme or “Merry Christmas” etc signage velcroed to the structure.

Add to the adult excitement with a mechanical bull, mechanical can, or even a mechanical football. Some companies also hire the Human Wrecking Ball or Human Whack a Mole activities from our Party range to add to the excitement of the event.


Have you thought about having an entertainment activity such as a temporary tattoo artist (yes, the tattoos wash off); a roaming clown or magician; Santa Claus; a set of 1980’s style arcade games; or Face Painters Fun (for kids and adults).

You can also hire a cash grabber machine. You may have seen the cash grabber machine on TV. A contestant stands in the centre of the machine and has a certain time in which to catch the “money” being fast blasted around them. Substitute “money” with 50 or so pieces of coloured paper. On 2 or 3 of them offer prizes such as Christmas cookies, chocolates, or a day off!


When Planning a Corporate Christmas Party you may decide to have a company picnic. But how can you give it the Wow factor? Adult and child jumping castles, spectacular dry or water slides, and challenging obstacle courses can add to the fun of a company picnic. Depending on the size and budget of your event, a variety of activities can be set up in a picnic area to entertain your guests.

Some companies also hire the famous Dunk Tank. See how much fun it is to “dunk” the CEO or a favourite Manager! Add some Carnival Food and a Roaming Santa and your day will be complete.


Did you know you can have a small or large inflatable water park set up on a swimming pool? Hire a private or council pool and we can set it up for an incredible day of fun.


Set up a parade of Sports inflatables such as the soccer, basketball, football and golf shootouts; or the inflatable sports zone which comprises an inflatable indoor soccer arena with zones for volleyball, basketball and twister. It has the added challenge of doing those activities on a bouncy floor.

Alternatively we also have an inflatable Beach Volleyball arena.


You may have seen this on Channel 9’s Footy Show where we set up a challenging Ninja Warriors obstacle course which included the famous Stunt Jump! The Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course package includes challenges such as running, climbing, sliding, bouncing, jumping and stunt falling with our Toxic Water Slide, Toxic Wipeout Challenge, Toxic Radical Junior Obstacle Course and Stunt Jump! You can do the same course as Paul Vautin, Darryl Brohman and Erin Moran!

If you want a Corporate Christmas Party that no one will forget, the Ninja Warriors Challenge might be the ticket!


Planning a Corporate Christmas Party may not be the only event you organise. Of course, all of these ideas are not just suitable for a Christmas party. You might also find them useful for a product launch or brand activation; a valued client party; an end of financial year celebration; a team building activity; or just an occasional event to keep everyone motivated.


Don’t do it all yourself. Bubbling With Energy have experienced staff who are happy to help you design the very best Corporate Christmas Party event. Contact us now with your enquiry.


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