Battle Ships Social Distancing Back Yard Game

7 Popular Activities for Social Distancing Back Yard Parties

Are there fun activities which also abide by social distancing guidelines for a back yard party? Yes there are. Let’s see what activities Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have to not only keep you socially distanced, but also having some fun.

1 Interactive Sports Games

These are inflatables that can be set up in an average back yard and only require a few players so social distancing isn’t an issue. Our interactive sports games are activities like soccer and basketball shootouts, football passing, and the mini golf challenge. We even have an inflatable Battleship Game (see pic above). Yes, it’s just like the board game but gigantic.

2 Mechanicals for a Social Distancing Back Yard Party

You have all see the Mechanical Bull at your local pub. Well, apart from mechanical bulls, we have other mechanical activities such as a mechanical football, mechanical can, mechanical surfboard and mechanical bottle. They can all be managed so that social distancing guidelines are facilitated safely.

Add to the fun by calling it a Social Distancing Back Yard Party.

3 Fun Runs

The inflatable Bungee Fun Run and Fly Wall are two other great social distancing party activities. Instead of jumping off a bridge, the bungee fun run is a horizontal activity for two people at a time. The human fly wall is a modern version of the popular human fly wall. This re-vamped version has barriers for extra safety, a runway and a bouncy launch pad for takeoff. The Human Fly Wall hire also includes 6 Velcro suits of various sizes.

4 Jumping Castles in your Back Yard

There are small jumping castles available for hire which can fit into an average sized backyard. These include the Fairy Tale mini, Junior Jumper, Dolphin, and the ever popular Frozen jumping castles. For toddlers, the Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig bouncy castles get squeals of delight. We also have the Cameron the Kiddiepillar inflatable tunnel for the smaller players. All of the jumping castles can be managed with social distancing in mind.

5 Foam Party

Another popular social distancing back yard party idea is a foam party. You can cover your whole back yard in foam or shoot the foam into one of our large or small inflatable containers. Then let your heads go and dance in a non toxic foam bath. Set rules that no one is allowed to dance too close to anyone else. The foam party is like dancing on the moon! Give prizes for the best decorated mask and best foam dancer!

6 Water Fun

In the hotter months you can have lots of social distancing fun with a water slide or a slip and slide. Lines of participants for both activities can be controlled in both so that they maintain social distancing. We have Water Fun activities to suit most average sized back yards.

7 Larger Events

If you have larger event try the Adrenalin Rush obstacle course. It’s a two lane course with lots of challenges such as popups, slides, ladders and tunnels. You may have seen our Adrenalin Rush obstacle course on Channel 9’s Today Show recently. Over 300,000 viewers watched Channel 9’ Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon, compete in a Ninja Warrior type race against Morning Extra hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffries. They competed the race on Bubbling With Energy’s spectacular “Adrenalin Rush Obstacle Course”. Karl and Allison won the event by a slim margin. It was a hilarious example of the type of social distance fun you can have at your next fete, festival, fun run or charity fund raiser.

See our other obstacle courses here. Most can be adapted to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

A Final Word – Social Distancing Back Yard Party

While the pandemic restrictions continue, we are all mindful of “social distancing”. Possibly, even after it passes, we will still be cautious and avoid shaking hands or hugging. So, do have a chat with our professional staff on 9829 8929. Ask about what fun activities will enhance your back yard birthday party or other event, and still cater to social distancing guidelines.