Colour Run Ideas

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Colour runs are a fun run with a colourful twist! Imagine a school or community fun run where the aim is to increase fitness, raise funds, and/or bring a community together. When they complete the run and cross the finish line the runners are blasted with pink, blue or white colours. Squeals of joyful delight will be remembered for years to come.

Unity in Diversity

What sets the Color Run apart is its ability to bring people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels together. It’s a celebration of diversity, where the color on one’s skin is a testament to the shared experience rather than an identifier. So, in a world that can sometimes feel divided, the Color Run is a reminder that joy knows no boundaries.

A Legacy of Joy

The impact of a Color Run goes beyond the immediate thrill. Schools and communities often use the event to raise funds for charitable causes, educational programs, or local initiatives. The run’s vibrant memory lingers, acting as a catalyst for positive change long after the colors have faded.

Success is in Your Hands

The standard Colour Run is a fun run where participants complete a course and are then sprayed with the colours. But let’s add some Colour Run ideas … before the run extra activities to make the event more memorable:

  • Before the Run participants have to complete an inflatable obstacle course such as the Ninja Obstacle Course or the Extreme Fun Run. See them at this link.
  • Alternatively, depending on the weather hire a water or dry slide such as the Rapid Racer or the Shark Combo. Participants have to do the slide before entering the race. Their link is here.
  • Have you thought about the Finish Line? Our Inflatable Arch is a spectacular end that can be seen from hundreds of metres away.
  • Another unique Colour Run idea is to have a Foam Party disco after the run. See the foamtastic fun here.
  • Finally, another Colour Run extra idea is Carnival Food such as Popcorn, Fairy Floss and Sno Cones. We’ve even got a Carnival Food stand that some clients use as their ticket sales building. It’s a great fund raising idea. Check them out here.

Additionally, if you have event sponsors ask us about featuring the sponsors advertising on the inflatables. That’s a major attraction to them.

NOTE: Because the inflatables are made of vinyl, participants who have been through the Colour Run blasts can’t go on the inflatables as the colours permanently mark the vinyl material. So, plan your Color Run course with the inflatables at the beginning.

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