Brilliant fete ideas

30 Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas

Are you looking for school fete stall ideas? Or, do you need some fund raising activity ideas for your school fete or carnival? If so, take a peek at these crowd-pleasing activities, marketing strategies and amusements:

1 Amusement Rides

From jumping castles to major rides, they are a must-have for any event. Our recommendations are our Inflatable Maze, Euro Bouncer Jumping Castle Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course. You may also check our Jumping Castles & Jumping Castle Combos. Also, we have the inflatable Ninja Warrior course as seen on The Footy Show, which has been a huge hit. The course challenges the patrons physically.

Adult Jumping Castle Hire Sydney - Extra Large Euro Bouncer

2 Dunk Tank for hire – Dunk-A-Teacher

This is a popular school fete stall idea. Want to dunk the teacher? How about the principal? A dunk tank is a great way to raise money and it’s fun for everyone (perhaps not the teachers).

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3 Chocolate Fondue with Fruit

Liquid chocolate combined with fruit will melt anyone’s heart. Served on skewers, this treat is a guaranteed fundraiser.

4 Cash Grabber

Cash Grabber is great for raffles or competitions! Contestants can put their hands in the chutes and attempt to grab the vouchers inside. Also, the Cash Grabber is great for events where you need to attract a crowd.

5 Golf Games

Mini Golf  is addictive and challenging. Contestants hit the ball uphill, over bumps, in an attempt to get the ball in the top hole. This is very popular at corporate events and school fetes.

6 Inflatable Twister

While not considered a stall, the inflatable twister is a fun twist on the original. This comes with an oversized spinner and a supervisor! The twister is set to get everyone’s bodies twisted around.

7 Inflatable Sports Games

This is another unique school fete stall idea. Our inflatable interactive sports games such as footy passing, soccer and basketball shootouts, connect a shot and soccer darts are completely new inflatable designs that we have introduced to Australia. They cover a huge range of ages ans are likely to once again increase your revenue. 

8 Carnival Foods such as Sno Cones, Fairy Floss, Popcorn

Carnival Food Booth InflatableCarnival foods are exciting for all ages. Hire two of our operators to operate all three machines and keep everyone happy. Or, you can hire the machines and all ingredients and have volunteers operate the stalls yourself.  Fairy Floss has been a carnival stall staple for decades. Sno Cones are great for all months except for winter so hire one of our Sno Cone machines. Place the Sno Cones as close as you can to the rides so those thirsty patrons have quick access. Popcorn is a great winter seller. We recommend our Popcorn Warmer as you will get through so much more popcorn by us supplying pre-popped popcorn, and you simply warm it up.  If you are seeking some colour to your stalls, hire our inflatable carnival food stall.

9 Mobile Video Gaming Trailer

This popular Fete idea is unique. We bring the video gaming trailer to your event. Up to 20 participants can have enormous fun playing a selection of 70 video games in air-conditioned comfort. Read about it here.

10 Petting Farms

Petting farms are very popular with young children and a great stall for fetes, and larger events. Our staff will bring a variety of small, soft, cuddly animals suitable for children to feed and pat.

11 Bubble Wands

Allocate an area for people to blow bubbles. Bubbles can become addictive and intriguing while entertaining to watch. Why not hire our colored lasers and party lights? This will create a spectacular contestant driven show.

12 Chocolate Wheel

Chocolate Wheel is always popular! You can gather local businesses to donate prizes. Sell 100 tickets at $1 each. You can always raise good money from this sideshow. However, do check your state regulations about raffles.

13 Coffee & Tea Stall

Approach your local café to set up a coffee machine. Sell coffee and quality tea flavors. You could also sell slices of cake and scones to make a drink and cake package.  This stall is also great to keep the spirits of your stall volunteers up by providing them a free drink. Or, you can of course also ask a Coffee cart to attend and charge them a fee to be there. Locals love a coffee so make sure they offer a great coffee. Limit what other items they can sell to ensure you are getting the most from the operation.

14 Face Painting

We have face painters! They can do anything that the kids want. Our face painters can come dressed as a clown, fairy or pirate or as themselves. Also, face paintings make for an exciting photograph for the kids and families. And, consider temporary tattoos for the older kids.

15 Flower Stall

You can buy bunches of flowers from your local flower market the day before. Or, contact your local florist well in advance to make your bulk order. Flower stalls are a great idea if your event or fete is on the Mother’s Day weekend, or around Valentines Day, as they make a divine gift.

16 Farmers Market

Another school fete stall idea is to have a farmers market at your fete to attract extra visitors. Locals love a farmers market and will spend on other items as well.

17 Hot Food Stalls

People get hungry. This will definitely be the most profitable stall. The favorites are also some of the cheapest to make. Think of hot dogs, hamburgers, hot chips, meat pies and sausage rolls. If there are some international mum or dads at your school, they can make a curry or stir fry from their family recipe. Ensure that you follow your local council’s food regulations.

Look within your school community for ethnic groups. Find a Greek, Indian, Asian or Italian cook and encourage them to contribute their traditional foods.

18 Soft Drinks

Drinks are a must-have at any event- especially when selling food. Buy cartons of cans and plenty of bottled water. Also approach Bells Pure Ice for a donation. They will usually offer free ice if you pick it up from their plant in Prospect.

19 Hair Color Stall

Extremely popular! By the end of the day, most people will have colored hair. So it is imperative that you stock up. Seems like hair color sprays are a great alternative to face painting for older kids.

20 Temporary Tattoos

Who doesn’t want a temporary tattoo? Even the school principal will want one. You can raise a lot of money from temporary tattoos. Alternatively, want to ramp it up a bit? Then hire our glitter tattoos.

21 Showbags Stall

Also, gather promotional vouchers. You may add items from local businesses to put into bags that everyone will receive during the event. This is a great way to help the community collaborate together, and to raise money for your school or event.

22 Disco Foam Party

Disco’s have long been a great way of raising funds. But how about adding another unique element to it with a disco foam party. We have large and small inflatable foam pits where your budding dancers can disco the night away. See more details here. Brilliant fund raising ideas

23 Tombola

Tombola is a type of raffle that is popular in Europe. It involves raffle tickets drawn from a large revolving drum. See this Tombola link for more information. In addition, a great prize idea is a meat tray donated from the local butcher.

24 Basketball Shootout

Players must score all their colored balls in the allotted time. It’s the only way to win with our Inflatable Basketball Shootout. The ball comes out from your opponent’s side when you score.So the one with the most balls left loses.

25 Bungee Fun Run

Bungee Run has two inflatable laneways. Participants are strapped to Bungee ropes to see how far up the lane they can go! Needless to say, the Bungee Fun Run is exciting and challenging.

26 Roaming Clown, Magician, Circus

In addition, we have roaming entertainers such as clowns and magicians who can add colour and excitement to your event  Trained magicians are able to produce many great tricks and illusions! Consequently, you’ll spend the day in a state of constant wonder.

Getting the locals to support your fete

27 Invite the local dance studios to showcase what they do

This school fete stall idea adds huge value to your school fete. Local dance studios love showing off what they can do, provides loads of entertainment for everyone and also drags the dance member’s Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters and grandparents along. Now many of these families will have no link to the school but will spend big on food, chocolate wheel and other items sold.

28 Ask every class to do something for the fete

Kids love showcasing what they have done in class. So, this activity attracts the whole family to the school and as a result the family will spend money while they are there.

Ride Tickets

29 Sell ride tickets at a discount prior to the day

You want to entice members of the public and people connected to the school to actually turn up on the day. So, offer discounted ride tickets a few weeks out from the fete or festival date. This will lock people in and they will attend even if the weather isn’t that great. On the day the price should be higher. Furthermore, Bubbling With Energy Entertainment can offer “Ride at your own risk” wristbands for a small fee.

Setting up your rides

30 Set up the amusement rides in a U shape

Confused why? By setting the rides in a U shape you will have patrons gather in the middle. Easy for Mum or Dads to watch their kids on different rides while catching up on the local goss. But also it creates a fun atmosphere as the locals like to mingle.

To profit share or not to profit share

Whilst the idea of profit share provides you a guaranteed revenue albeit small, if you promote your fete properly you will raise a lot more by taking on the risk yourself and simply seeking a package deal from an amusement hire company. Most profit share arrangements offer an 80/20 split but that does not leave a lot of income for your school. So, back yourself and your committee for the event to be successful and it usually is.


  • Marketing is everything in making your fete successful

This is an important school fete stall idea. Get those huge signs out the front a month before the event. Perhaps hit the local print shop for a free banner. Also, hit the social media sites, and local online garage sale Facebook pages. Additionally, ask the parents to promote the day to all their friends, and put posters in windows of local businesses. Small businesses love promoting something in their local area as it attracts people to their shop.

Finally, these activities will actively engage kids are the heart of a school fete. These are the tried-and-true carnival games and activities that schools rely on year after year!

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So, if you are in Sydney give us a try. We have loads of amusement rides and carnival foods that will make your fete or event successful. Please Email us at for a quote.

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