Successful Event Planning

Successful Event Planning

Successful event planning might be needed for a child’s birthday party, a company picnic, a child care centre celebration, a school fun day, a sports presentation or a major corporate event. Whatever it is, the same event planning principles will apply.

Bubbling With Energy have been assisting event planners such as parents, volunteers, social club secretaries, professional corporate event planners etc to plan all kinds of events for over 27 years.

Here are some event planning tips to make your next event successful.

What’s your plan?

The earlier you begin planning the better. In fact, from our experience the very best annual events are those where planning starts immediately after the last event.

Planning includes deciding on the event budget, purpose, who’s the audience, and marketing. It also covers what memorable activities will be booked, sponsorship, catering, and the venue.

The planning committee?

Don’t do it all yourself! Even for a family birthday or anniversary celebration you can delegate catering, greeting or cleaning duties to other family members. In fact, some people get annoyed when they are not asked!

Therefore, for larger events you need to develop and manage an enthusiastic committee of finance, marketing, volunteer coordinators, activity bookers, sponsor minders, etc.

Additionally, make sure you track your expenses and activities on an Excel spreadsheet or Project Planning tool.

Event activities

Successful Event Planning includes great activities. The memorable activities you book will depend on the purpose of the event, your audience, and whether it is an indoor or outdoor venue.

For instance, your purpose might be a fundraiser, a community fun day, a product or service brand activation or launch. It might also be a commemorative celebration, a themed activity, an exhibition, or even team building.

Indoor Activities

For indoor events consider entertainment such as roaming clowns, temporary tattoo artists (yes, they do wash off) or face painters.

Alternatively, if you are having a sports theme, Bubbling with Energy can also supply interactive games.  These include the inflatable basketball or soccer shootouts, football passing or the mini golf challenge.

Arcade games are also excellent indoor event ideas.

We also have small jumping castles which can fit into most indoor venues.

Outdoor Activities

For large corporate events and festivals and fetes, consider having carnival rides or a bank of dry or water slides and spectacular obstacles courses. Some of the latter include the Ninja Warrior Challenge (as seen on TV’s The Footy Show), the Extreme Fun Run, the Inflatable Maze, and the Toxic Shock Wipeout Challenge. These exciting names featured in your event advertising will attract visitors. They also add to the memorable experience every successful event planner seeks.

If you really want to go big try the Stunt Jump (yes, it’s a stunt pillow just like those used in high action TV shows or movies).

For school fun days, fundraisers, fetes and festivals consider hiring the famous Dunk Tank or Cash Grabber.

For smaller events, themed kids jumping castles such as Superhero and Disney inflatables are all the rage. They have theme names like World of Disney, Fairy Tale, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and Justice League.

For adult parties hire the Inflatable Pub, or one of our mechanical bucking bull type devices. The latter are particularly popular at hens and bucks parties and anniversaries.

Planning a Successful Event – Marketing Tips

  • Use every media possible including FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters, school/parent notices. Ask a sample of potential event visitors how they like to hear about events and follow that advice?
  • Media releases should feature the purpose of the event. For example, if you are raising funds for “Koalas burned in recent bushfires”, feature that in your copy. News outlets will grab emotional content like that.
  • Ask your suppliers, sponsors, and the venue, to feature your event on their websites.
  • Provide copy (including pics) for the “What’s on in XXXX” type websites. Can you imagine how attractive a photo of the Stunt Jump, or one of our large inflatables, will be on those websites.
  • You marketing should continue right up until the event starts. If it is an annual activity, the marketing should continue beyond the event to advertise next year’s activity.

Here is a Forbes magazine article about Marketing Successful Events.

Event Feedback

After the event seek feedback so that you can honestly congratulate your event planning assistants, and also improve it next time.

Automate all the event information so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when looking for successful event activities in the future.

Successful Event Planning with Bubbling With Energy

Finally, you’ve heard the expression “We are here to help!”  Well, we are!

Above all, we have the experience, the professional staff, and the widest range of exciting activities to add to the success of your next event. So, contact us now and be safe in the knowledge that we can make your event planning an easier experience.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Inflatable Pub for hire Sydney

Inflatable Pop Up Pub

Australia’s pub scene is well known. So, with many pubs in Sydney being gentrified and made into multi million dollar real estate we thought we would bring an inflatable pop up pub to Sydney.

Introducing Sydney’s first Inflatable Pub and it is getting plenty of attention. Designed for corporate events and 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th birthday parties or any party or event our Inflatable Pop Up Pub is for hire in Sydney and surrounding areas right now. Click here for more information.

Unique design

The Inflatable Pub has two rooms and it has that warm feeling like you are actually in a cosy pub. The Pub pops up in around 5 minutes with set up being about a half hour. Inside the Inflatable Pub has makeshift televisions on the wall, look alike brickwork, fireplace and chimneys. Bubbling With Energy’s Inflatable Pub was carefully designed by our team of industrial designers. It even includes inflatable ice buckets in each corner of the pub. Additionally, our design is so unique we even made the blower multi task as it also pumps air through the support beams for constant air flow. Therefore, it becomes much cooler than a marquee.

Inflatable pub hire SydneyInflatable pub hire Sydney

Inflatable Pop Up Pub and Brand Activation

Brand activation companies in Sydney will love the concept. The Inflatable Pub was designed with branding in mind. It uses velcro banners wherever possible. Also, add the Pub’s mobility, easy and fast set up, pack down and brands can make their own unique activation.

Sports and other Corporate Events

Set up the Inflatable Pop Up Pub and make it an instant talking point for guests at your sports presentation, product launch, or exhibition. We guarantee you that our design will blow your clients mind.

Birthday Parties

Imagine a backyard party with your very own inflatable pop up pub. Keep the weather outside and here we have a cosy pub where everyone can have a laugh and make your partner’s birthday special.

Also, we have also introduced a smaller pub for smaller events.

So, check us out, you won’t be disappointed in your experience with Bubbling With Energy Pub Hire Sydney.