Are you ready to sprinkle some frosty magic into your next unique Winter Wonderland event? Look no further than Bubbling With Energy Entertainment! Our Winter Wonderland event products are designed to delight guests of all ages. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor extravaganza or an indoor gathering, we’ve got the WOW factor covered. They are great for fetes and festivals, fund raisers, family fun days and corporate events. Let’s explore the enchanting lineup:

1. Frozen Jumping Castle

Step into a fairy tale with our Frozen-themed jumping castles! Imagine bouncing alongside Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in a wintry wonderland. The inflatable Disney themed castle features shimmering snowflakes, icy blue hues, and a touch of magic. It’s perfect for kids’ birthday parties, school events, or any occasion where joy takes center stage.

2. Zap a Penguin Interactive Game

Get ready for some penguin-powered fun! Our “Zap a Penguin” interactive game is a hit with both kids and adults. How does it work? Participants use soft foam mallets to knock down adorable penguin targets. Multiple people can play this unique Winter Wonderland event activity in an hour. It’s a delightful challenge that adds laughter and excitement to any event.

3. Inflatable All-Weather Street Curling (No Ice Needed)

Who says curling is only for icy rinks at the Winter Olympics? Our inflatable street curling setup brings the game to any venue, regardless of the weather. No ice required! We are the only company in Australia offering this unique Winter Wonderland event activity. Set up the mini curling lane indoors or outdoors, and let the friendly competition begin. Guests can slide their inflatable stones toward the target, strategising like seasoned curlers. It’s a fantastic team-building activity that encourages camaraderie and precision.

4. Inflatable Snow Globes

Step inside a life-sized inflatable snow globe and experience winter magic firsthand! Our inflatable snow globes create a whimsical atmosphere where guests can pose for photos, dance, or simply marvel at being in a magical globe. We have Snow, Christmas and Easter globes. Whether it’s a corporate gala or a community festival, these globes add that touch of wonder.

5. Selfie Stations with a Winter Theme

Capture memories in style! Our winter-themed selfie stations provide the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots. Guests can even bring their own props to make the experience even more memorable. Share your pics with #WinterWonderland and let the world see your magical moments.

6. The Challenging Mechanical Snowboard

Ready to ride the virtual slopes? The mechanical snowboard simulator lets guests experience the thrill of snowboarding without getting frostbite. Hop on the board, and hold on! Our staff set the speed depending on the age and size of the “snowboarder”. With customisable difficulty levels, everyone,from beginners to snowboarding pros,can feel the rush. It’s an exhilarating addition to any unique Winter Wonderland event.

Deliver the WOW Factor with a unique Winter Wonderland event

At Bubbling With Energy Entertainment, we don’t just provide products; we create memories. Our unique Winter Wonderland event offerings are available for delivery across Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, and the Central Coast. Whether it’s a corporate Christmas in July function, a school fair, a fund raiser, or a private celebration, let’s turn your event into a snowy spectacle that leaves guests saying, “Wow!” 🌨️❄️✨

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10 successful fund raisers

10 Successful Fundraisers – Products That Guarantee Fun and Funds

Introducing 10 fund raisers that we know are successful!

Fundraising events are an integral part of community engagement and nonprofit organizations. While the goal is to raise funds for a cause, creating an enjoyable experience for participants is equally important. One effective way to achieve this balance is by offering exciting and engaging products and activities. Here are 10 successful fundraisers that not only promise heaps of fun but also contribute to raising significant funds:

1. Dunk Tank

Few activities match the thrill of seeing someone plunge into a tank of water after a well-aimed throw. Dunk tanks have been a staple of fundraising events for decades. Whether it’s a teacher, principal, the boss, or a local celebrity volunteering to sit on the hot seat, people are eager to take their chances and make a splash, all for a good cause. Check it out here.

2. Street Curling

This is our newest of the 10 successful fund raisers. Bringing the excitement of winter sports to any season, street curling is a hit at fundraising events. With portable and inflatable curling kits, participants can enjoy the strategy and skill of this Olympic sport without needing ice. It’s a unique and engaging activity that draws in both participants and spectators alike. Here are the details.

3. Sideshow Alley Games

Step right up and test your skills at classic sideshow alley games like ring toss, balloon darts, and laughing clowns. These games offer a nostalgic charm while providing participants with a chance to win prizes. From young children to adults, everyone enjoys trying their luck and supporting a good cause in the process. See our games here.

Laughing Clowns

4. Inflatable Selfie Stations

In the age of social media, selfie stations have become a must-have attraction at fundraising events. Inflatable stations offer a variety of fun backdrops and props for attendees to capture memorable moments with friends and family. By encouraging attendees to share their photos online, these stations help spread awareness about the cause while creating lasting memories. Check them at this link.

5. Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses appeal to the adventurous spirit in all of us. Whether it’s crawling through tunnels, scaling walls, or navigating popups and slides, participants love the challenge and excitement that obstacle courses provide. With different difficulty levels, obstacle courses cater to participants of all ages and fitness levels, making them a versatile fundraising option. Our larger obstacle courses such as the one in the featured image can take multiple players which adds to your fund raising opportunities. Sponsors also love them (we can velcro their marketing to any of our products). See our huge range here.

6. Carnival Food

Here’s another of our 10 successful fund raisers. No fundraising event is complete without the irresistible aroma of carnival food wafting through the air. From sno cones and popcorn to fairy floss, these tasty treats are sure to draw crowds. Not only do they satisfy cravings, but they also serve as a profitable fundraising opportunity, with proceeds going directly to the cause. If you have a sweet tooth this link will take you there.

7. Cup and Saucer Carnival Ride

For a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, the cup and saucer carnival ride never fails to delight. As participants spin and twirl in brightly colored cups, laughter fills the air, creating a joyous atmosphere that enhances the fundraising experience. The ride’s visual appeal and family-friendly nature make it a popular choice for events of all sizes. Check out our carnival rides here.

8. Disco Foam Party

Turn up the music and let the foam fly with a disco foam party! This high-energy event transforms any space into a dance floor filled with bubbles and beats. Participants of all ages can groove to the music while raising funds for a worthy cause. It’s a surefire way to keep the party going and the donations flowing. All of the fun of a foam party is at this link.

9. Giant Water Slides

When the weather heats up, there’s no better way to cool down than with a giant water slide. These towering attractions provide endless thrills as participants zip down slippery slopes and make a splash at the bottom. Whether it’s a single slide or a complex water park setup, giant water slides guarantee hours of fun and excitement for attendees. Our double slide products are particularly popular fund raisers as multiple participants can use them at any time. See our huge range here.

10. Interactive Games

Lastly, another of our 10 successful fund raisrs are interactive games. From the mechanical bull, axe throwing to footy passing challenges, interactive games add an element of competition and camaraderie to fundraising events. Participants can test their skills and compete against friends, all while supporting a charitable cause. With a variety of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. See the details at this link.

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In conclusion, successful fundraising events rely on engaging products and activities that capture the imagination and enthusiasm of participants. From classic carnival games to thrilling rides and interactive experiences, these 10 successful fundraisers promise fun-filled moments and significant contributions to worthy causes. By incorporating these crowd-pleasers into your next fundraising event, you can ensure a memorable experience for attendees while making a positive impact in your community.

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So, if you are in Sydney give us a try. We have loads of inflatables, amusement rides and carnival foods that will make your fete or charity fund raising event successful. Please Email us at for a quote.

Lastly, want more ideas? Check out our Blog called 10 More Brilliant Fete Stall Ideas.

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30 Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas and tips you should try

30 Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas

Are you looking for school fete stall ideas? Or, do you need some fund raising activity ideas for your school fete or carnival? If so, take a peek at these crowd-pleasing activities, marketing strategies and amusements:

1 Amusement Rides

From jumping castles to major rides, they are a must-have for any event. Our recommendations are our Inflatable Maze, Euro Bouncer Jumping Castle Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course. You may also check our Jumping Castles & Jumping Castle Combos. Also, we have the inflatable Ninja Warrior course as seen on The Footy Show, which has been a huge hit. The course challenges the patrons physically.

Adult Jumping Castle Hire Sydney - Extra Large Euro Bouncer

2 Dunk Tank for hire – Dunk-A-Teacher

This is a popular school fete stall idea. Want to dunk the teacher? How about the principal? A dunk tank is a great way to raise money and it’s fun for everyone (perhaps not the teachers).

dunk tank rental sydney

3 Chocolate Fondue with Fruit

Liquid chocolate combined with fruit will melt anyone’s heart. Served on skewers, this treat is a guaranteed fundraiser.

4 Cash Grabber

Cash Grabber is great for raffles or competitions! Contestants can put their hands in the chutes and attempt to grab the vouchers inside. Also, the Cash Grabber is great for events where you need to attract a crowd.

5 Golf Games

Mini Golf  is addictive and challenging. Contestants hit the ball uphill, over bumps, in an attempt to get the ball in the top hole. This is very popular at corporate events and school fetes.

6 Inflatable Twister

While not considered a stall, the inflatable twister is a fun twist on the original. This comes with an oversized spinner and a supervisor! The twister is set to get everyone’s bodies twisted around.

7 Inflatable Sports Games

This is another unique school fete stall idea. Our inflatable interactive sports games such as footy passing, soccer and basketball shootouts, connect a shot and soccer darts are completely new inflatable designs that we have introduced to Australia. They cover a huge range of ages ans are likely to once again increase your revenue. 

8 Carnival Foods such as Sno Cones, Fairy Floss, Popcorn

Carnival Food Booth InflatableCarnival foods are exciting for all ages. Hire two of our operators to operate all three machines and keep everyone happy. Or, you can hire the machines and all ingredients and have volunteers operate the stalls yourself.  Fairy Floss has been a carnival stall staple for decades. Sno Cones are great for all months except for winter so hire one of our Sno Cone machines. Place the Sno Cones as close as you can to the rides so those thirsty patrons have quick access. Popcorn is a great winter seller. We recommend our Popcorn Warmer as you will get through so much more popcorn by us supplying pre-popped popcorn, and you simply warm it up.  If you are seeking some colour to your stalls, hire our inflatable carnival food stall.

9 Mobile Video Gaming Trailer

This popular Fete idea is unique. We bring the video gaming trailer to your event. Up to 20 participants can have enormous fun playing a selection of 70 video games in air-conditioned comfort. Read about it here.

10 Petting Farms

Petting farms are very popular with young children and a great stall for fetes, and larger events. Our staff will bring a variety of small, soft, cuddly animals suitable for children to feed and pat.

11 Bubble Wands

Allocate an area for people to blow bubbles. Bubbles can become addictive and intriguing while entertaining to watch. Why not hire our colored lasers and party lights? This will create a spectacular contestant driven show.

12 Chocolate Wheel

Chocolate Wheel is always popular! You can gather local businesses to donate prizes. Sell 100 tickets at $1 each. You can always raise good money from this sideshow. However, do check your state regulations about raffles.

13 Coffee & Tea Stall

Approach your local café to set up a coffee machine. Sell coffee and quality tea flavors. You could also sell slices of cake and scones to make a drink and cake package.  This stall is also great to keep the spirits of your stall volunteers up by providing them a free drink. Or, you can of course also ask a Coffee cart to attend and charge them a fee to be there. Locals love a coffee so make sure they offer a great coffee. Limit what other items they can sell to ensure you are getting the most from the operation.

14 Face Painting

We have face painters! They can do anything that the kids want. Our face painters can come dressed as a clown, fairy or pirate or as themselves. Also, face paintings make for an exciting photograph for the kids and families. And, consider temporary tattoos for the older kids.

15 Flower Stall

You can buy bunches of flowers from your local flower market the day before. Or, contact your local florist well in advance to make your bulk order. Flower stalls are a great idea if your event or fete is on the Mother’s Day weekend, or around Valentines Day, as they make a divine gift.

16 Farmers Market

Another school fete stall idea is to have a farmers market at your fete to attract extra visitors. Locals love a farmers market and will spend on other items as well.

17 Hot Food Stalls

People get hungry. This will definitely be the most profitable stall. The favorites are also some of the cheapest to make. Think of hot dogs, hamburgers, hot chips, meat pies and sausage rolls. If there are some international mum or dads at your school, they can make a curry or stir fry from their family recipe. Ensure that you follow your local council’s food regulations.

Look within your school community for ethnic groups. Find a Greek, Indian, Asian or Italian cook and encourage them to contribute their traditional foods.

18 Soft Drinks

Drinks are a must-have at any event- especially when selling food. Buy cartons of cans and plenty of bottled water. Also approach Bells Pure Ice for a donation. They will usually offer free ice if you pick it up from their plant in Prospect.

19 Hair Color Stall

Extremely popular! By the end of the day, most people will have colored hair. So it is imperative that you stock up. Seems like hair color sprays are a great alternative to face painting for older kids.

20 Temporary Tattoos

Who doesn’t want a temporary tattoo? Even the school principal will want one. You can raise a lot of money from temporary tattoos. Alternatively, want to ramp it up a bit? Then hire our glitter tattoos.

21 Showbags Stall

Also, gather promotional vouchers. You may add items from local businesses to put into bags that everyone will receive during the event. This is a great way to help the community collaborate together, and to raise money for your school or event.

22 Disco Foam Party

Disco’s have long been a great way of raising funds. But how about adding another unique element to it with a disco foam party. We have large and small inflatable foam pits where your budding dancers can disco the night away. See more details here. Brilliant fund raising ideas

23 Tombola

Tombola is a type of raffle that is popular in Europe. It involves raffle tickets drawn from a large revolving drum. See this Tombola link for more information. In addition, a great prize idea is a meat tray donated from the local butcher.

24 Basketball Shootout

Players must score all their colored balls in the allotted time. It’s the only way to win with our Inflatable Basketball Shootout. The ball comes out from your opponent’s side when you score.So the one with the most balls left loses.

25 Bungee Fun Run

Bungee Run has two inflatable laneways. Participants are strapped to Bungee ropes to see how far up the lane they can go! Needless to say, the Bungee Fun Run is exciting and challenging.

26 Roaming Clown, Magician, Circus

In addition, we have roaming entertainers such as clowns and magicians who can add colour and excitement to your event  Trained magicians are able to produce many great tricks and illusions! Consequently, you’ll spend the day in a state of constant wonder.

Getting the locals to support your fete

27 Invite the local dance studios to showcase what they do

This school fete stall idea adds huge value to your school fete. Local dance studios love showing off what they can do, provides loads of entertainment for everyone and also drags the dance member’s Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters and grandparents along. Now many of these families will have no link to the school but will spend big on food, chocolate wheel and other items sold.

28 Ask every class to do something for the fete

Kids love showcasing what they have done in class. So, this activity attracts the whole family to the school and as a result the family will spend money while they are there.

Ride Tickets

29 Sell ride tickets at a discount prior to the day

You want to entice members of the public and people connected to the school to actually turn up on the day. So, offer discounted ride tickets a few weeks out from the fete or festival date. This will lock people in and they will attend even if the weather isn’t that great. On the day the price should be higher. Furthermore, Bubbling With Energy Entertainment can offer “Ride at your own risk” wristbands for a small fee.

Setting up your rides

30 Set up the amusement rides in a U shape

Confused why? By setting the rides in a U shape you will have patrons gather in the middle. Easy for Mum or Dads to watch their kids on different rides while catching up on the local goss. But also it creates a fun atmosphere as the locals like to mingle.

To profit share or not to profit share

Whilst the idea of profit share provides you a guaranteed revenue albeit small, if you promote your fete properly you will raise a lot more by taking on the risk yourself and simply seeking a package deal from an amusement hire company. Most profit share arrangements offer an 80/20 split but that does not leave a lot of income for your school. So, back yourself and your committee for the event to be successful and it usually is.


  • Marketing is everything in making your fete successful

This is an important school fete stall idea. Get those huge signs out the front a month before the event. Perhaps hit the local print shop for a free banner. Also, hit the social media sites, and local online garage sale Facebook pages. Additionally, ask the parents to promote the day to all their friends, and put posters in windows of local businesses. Small businesses love promoting something in their local area as it attracts people to their shop.

Finally, these activities will actively engage kids are the heart of a school fete. These are the tried-and-true carnival games and activities that schools rely on year after year!

Get top rated customer service with Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

So, if you are in Sydney give us a try. We have loads of amusement rides and carnival foods that will make your fete or event successful. Please Email us at for a quote.

Lastly, want more ideas? Check out our Blog called 10 More Brilliant Fete Stall Ideas.

Outdoor Play is Healthy Play

Outdoor Play is Healthy Play

Is outdoor play healthy play? A Sydney Morning Herald article titled “How to make lockdown holidays different from lockdown learning?” quotes Professor Garry Fallon from Macquarie University saying its important to differentiate learning from home based activities. Also, according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports our children are literally becoming obese. Why? Because they are not getting enough healthy outdoor play.

The behaviours they cite which influence obesity include:

  • increased consumption of energy-dense, low-nutrient foods and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • insufficient physical activity … especially during the pandemic so many junior sports teams games and coaching sessions have been cancelled and play seasons reduced.
  • increased sedentary activity such as sitting or lying down on the couch.
  • increased time spent in front of screens including tablets, PC’s and TV’s.
  • insufficient sleep.

They report that 25% of children aged 2-17 in Australia were overweight or obese in 2017-18.  Also, young people aged 15-24 in 2017-18 were more likely to be overweight or obese than those studied in the 1995 and 2005 reports on the same issue. The report is backed up by this article called “Why should my child play outside?

It’s unclear yet what affects the lockdowns in our major cities will have on these figures. We hope it’s more than just the family dog who is getting lots of outdoor and healthy play (and attention) as parents work from home, and kids are home schooled.

The AIHW Report

In their 2020 report about insufficient physical activity AIHW said “Participating in regular physical activity provides many benefits for physical and mental health at all ages, and can also help manage biomedical risk factors such as high body weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Insufficient physical activity is a key risk factor contributing to disease burden in Australia. Given it plays a role in chronic conditions, it is important for Australians to achieve the levels of activity outlined in Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary behaviour guidelines.”

Also, there’s an interesting “Everyone Can Play” initiative instituted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment which encourages councils and planning organisations to create inclusive play spaces. Read about it here.

Another initiative is Claratyne’s Outsideologist Project. It’s on a mission to “get one million Australian children and their families to spend just one more hour a week outside for better health and wellbeing”. The Raising Children’s Network is also a great supporter of outdoor play.

What can you do?

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment came out of the famous Life.Be In It campaign of the 1970’s which promoted active outdoor play. That’s what we specialise in. Whether it be bouncing around on a jumping castle, conquering an inflatable obstacle course, or practicing soccer and footy shootouts on an interactive game, your players will get healthy outdoor play.

So, let’s get those disturbing obesity figures down with outdoor play that is healthy play.

Also let us take you to our other Blog called 15 Popular Backyard Party Ideas. It’s full of unique outdoor physical activity ideas.

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7 Popular Social Distancing Activities for Back Yard Parties

7 Popular Activities for Social Distancing Back Yard Parties

Are there fun activities which also abide by social distancing guidelines for a back yard party? Yes there are. Let’s see what activities Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have to not only keep you socially distanced, but also having some fun.

1 Interactive Sports Games

These are inflatables that can be set up in an average back yard and only require a few players so social distancing isn’t an issue. Our interactive sports games are activities like soccer and basketball shootouts, football passing, and the mini golf challenge. We even have an inflatable Battleship Game (see pic above). Yes, it’s just like the board game but gigantic.

2 Mechanicals for a Social Distancing Back Yard Party

You have all see the Mechanical Bull at your local pub. Well, apart from mechanical bulls, we have other mechanical activities such as a mechanical football, mechanical can, mechanical surfboard and mechanical bottle. They can all be managed so that social distancing guidelines are facilitated safely.

Add to the fun by calling it a Social Distancing Back Yard Party.

3 Fun Runs

The inflatable Bungee Fun Run and Fly Wall are two other great social distancing party activities. Instead of jumping off a bridge, the bungee fun run is a horizontal activity for two people at a time. The human fly wall is a modern version of the popular human fly wall. This re-vamped version has barriers for extra safety, a runway and a bouncy launch pad for takeoff. The Human Fly Wall hire also includes 6 Velcro suits of various sizes.

4 Jumping Castles in your Back Yard

There are small jumping castles available for hire which can fit into an average sized backyard. These include the Fairy Tale mini, Junior Jumper, Dolphin, and the ever popular Frozen jumping castles. For toddlers, the Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig bouncy castles get squeals of delight. We also have the Cameron the Kiddiepillar inflatable tunnel for the smaller players. All of the jumping castles can be managed with social distancing in mind.

5 Foam Party

Another popular social distancing back yard party idea is a foam party. You can cover your whole back yard in foam or shoot the foam into one of our large or small inflatable containers. Then let your heads go and dance in a non toxic foam bath. Set rules that no one is allowed to dance too close to anyone else. The foam party is like dancing on the moon! Give prizes for the best decorated mask and best foam dancer!

6 Water Fun

In the hotter months you can have lots of social distancing fun with a water slide or a slip and slide. Lines of participants for both activities can be controlled in both so that they maintain social distancing. We have Water Fun activities to suit most average sized back yards.

7 Larger Events

If you have larger event try the Adrenalin Rush obstacle course. It’s a two lane course with lots of challenges such as popups, slides, ladders and tunnels. You may have seen our Adrenalin Rush obstacle course on Channel 9’s Today Show recently. Over 300,000 viewers watched Channel 9’ Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon, compete in a Ninja Warrior type race against Morning Extra hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffries. They competed the race on Bubbling With Energy’s spectacular “Adrenalin Rush Obstacle Course”. Karl and Allison won the event by a slim margin. It was a hilarious example of the type of social distance fun you can have at your next fete, festival, fun run or charity fund raiser.

See our other obstacle courses here. Most can be adapted to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

A Final Word – Social Distancing Back Yard Party

While the pandemic restrictions continue, we are all mindful of “social distancing”. Possibly, even after it passes, we will still be cautious and avoid shaking hands or hugging. So, do have a chat with our professional staff on 9829 8929. Ask about what fun activities will enhance your back yard birthday party or other event, and still cater to social distancing guidelines.

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms are Here

Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms for Hire Sydney

Most Escape Rooms are in fixed venues, but we have inflatable mobiles we can bring to you. Consequently, if you have a suitably sized backyard or open area we can quickly set up the inflatable mobile escape room. It will add a heap of fun to your party or celebratory event.

Birthday parties, council or community fun days, corporate team building, teen celebrations, and fund raisers are all suitable events for our Inflatable Mobile Escape Room. Youth groups and OOSH centres will also love our escape rooms.

Additionally, we have a number of themes to choose from:

The Alien Escape Room.

Participants enter the Escape Room carrying a golden egg which a Vogon alien is trying to find. However, to get to safety they have to complete a number of activities which reveal a 4 digit code. On completion, the 4 digit code opens the rear exit door to safety.

Heroes and Villains Escape Room.

Your heroes team are trying to escape from an ugly and cruel villain. So, in the mobile inflatable escape room they first have to find a torch. After that, they decode a cipher, solve an animal clue, and work out a backwards message to get their 4 digit exit code.

Mission Possible (as distinct from Mission Impossible) Escape Room.

Your team are an Australian Mission Possible spy team trying to save the world from enemy spies. They want the chemical formula hidden in your golden egg. So, the Mission Possible teams will build a rocket and complete a spy quiz. Also they will decode a chemical elements activity etc while the enemy spies are on their heels.

Who will Participate in the Inflatable Mobile Escape Rooms?

The activities are designed for ages 10 upwards. Teams of 4 to 6 persons will work together. It will challenge them while they have fun. Most clients are requesting 15-20 minute Inflatable Mobile Escape Room events so that multiple groups can pass through. However, 45 minute (or longer) events are also available. Our themed activities are unique. They were specifically designed for Bubbling With Energy and are not “off the shelf” type activities purchased online.

Also, we have a “Mission Possible for Adults”, and a “Corporate Spies Escape Room” theme for team building sessions with corporate groups. We will even supply suitable questions for company Leaders to use in a team building debrief.

Furthermore, for an extra charge, other themes of your choice can be developed. Think Ghosts and Ghouls, Monsters Incorporated, Merlins and Magicians, Top Secret, Treasure Hunt and Escape from Uluru.

Additionally, some clients are also hiring our inflatable interactive games with the mobile escape room.

Finally, event planners will be interested in our BLOG Successful Event Planning.

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Bubbling With Energy Entertainment been in operation for over 27 years.

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Successful Event Planning

Successful Event Planning

Successful event planning might be needed for a child’s birthday party, a company picnic, a child care centre celebration, a school fun day, a sports presentation or a major corporate event. Whatever it is, the same event planning principles will apply.

Bubbling With Energy have been assisting event planners such as parents, volunteers, social club secretaries, professional corporate event planners etc to plan all kinds of events for over 27 years.

Here are some event planning tips to make your next event successful.

What’s your plan?

The earlier you begin planning the better. In fact, from our experience the very best annual events are those where planning starts immediately after the last event.

Planning includes deciding on the event budget, purpose, who’s the audience, and marketing. It also covers what memorable activities will be booked, sponsorship, catering, and the venue.

The planning committee?

Don’t do it all yourself! Even for a family birthday or anniversary celebration you can delegate catering, greeting or cleaning duties to other family members. In fact, some people get annoyed when they are not asked!

Therefore, for larger events you need to develop and manage an enthusiastic committee of finance, marketing, volunteer coordinators, activity bookers, sponsor minders, etc.

Additionally, make sure you track your expenses and activities on an Excel spreadsheet or Project Planning tool.

Event activities

Successful Event Planning includes great activities. The memorable activities you book will depend on the purpose of the event, your audience, and whether it is an indoor or outdoor venue.

For instance, your purpose might be a fundraiser, a community fun day, a product or service brand activation or launch. It might also be a commemorative celebration, a themed activity, an exhibition, or even team building.

Indoor Activities

For indoor events consider entertainment such as roaming clowns, temporary tattoo artists (yes, they do wash off) or face painters.

Alternatively, if you are having a sports theme, Bubbling with Energy can also supply interactive games.  These include the inflatable basketball or soccer shootouts, football passing or the mini golf challenge.

Arcade games are also excellent indoor event ideas.

We also have small jumping castles which can fit into most indoor venues.

Outdoor Activities

For large corporate events and festivals and fetes, consider having carnival rides or a bank of dry or water slides and spectacular obstacles courses. Some of the latter include the Ninja Warrior Challenge (as seen on TV’s The Footy Show), the Extreme Fun Run, the Inflatable Maze, and the Toxic Shock Wipeout Challenge. These exciting names featured in your event advertising will attract visitors. They also add to the memorable experience every successful event planner seeks.

If you really want to go big try the Stunt Jump (yes, it’s a stunt pillow just like those used in high action TV shows or movies).

For school fun days, fundraisers, fetes and festivals consider hiring the famous Dunk Tank or Cash Grabber.

For smaller events, themed kids jumping castles such as Superhero and Disney inflatables are all the rage. They have theme names like World of Disney, Fairy Tale, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and Justice League.

For adult parties hire the Inflatable Pub, or one of our mechanical bucking bull type devices. The latter are particularly popular at hens and bucks parties and anniversaries.

Planning a Successful Event – Marketing Tips

  • Use every media possible including FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters, school/parent notices. Ask a sample of potential event visitors how they like to hear about events and follow that advice?
  • Media releases should feature the purpose of the event. For example, if you are raising funds for “Koalas burned in recent bushfires”, feature that in your copy. News outlets will grab emotional content like that.
  • Ask your suppliers, sponsors, and the venue, to feature your event on their websites.
  • Provide copy (including pics) for the “What’s on in XXXX” type websites. Can you imagine how attractive a photo of the Stunt Jump, or one of our large inflatables, will be on those websites.
  • You marketing should continue right up until the event starts. If it is an annual activity, the marketing should continue beyond the event to advertise next year’s activity.

Here is a Forbes magazine article about Marketing Successful Events.

Event Feedback

After the event seek feedback so that you can honestly congratulate your event planning assistants, and also improve it next time.

Automate all the event information so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when looking for successful event activities in the future.

Successful Event Planning with Bubbling With Energy

Finally, you’ve heard the expression “We are here to help!”  Well, we are!

Above all, we have the experience, the professional staff, and the widest range of exciting activities to add to the success of your next event. So, contact us now and be safe in the knowledge that we can make your event planning an easier experience.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have been in operation for over 27 years.

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Checklist for Hiring Amusement Devices

Hiring an Amusement Device Checklist

Whether you hire with us or not, Bubbling With Energy (BWE) want to make your amusement device hires as safe as possible. Here is an Amusement Hire Checklist. It will help you decide if you are using an appropriate and reputable company for your event. Furthermore, this is a generic list only, prepared from our extensive experience.

Also, for more information you can access further details via this amusement devices link to SafeWork. They are the government agency responsible for safety in NSW.

Our Amusement Device Checklist is applicable to hiring of inflatable jumping castles or inflatable obstacle courses. It is for where you will supervise the device yourself (allowed for smaller devices), or use a trained supervisor.

Amusement Device Checklist

Please ensure that:

  1. is a reputable amusement hire firm being used? Check that they have an ABN, public liability insurance?
  2. you have received notice of your booking, and an invoice?
  3. is the company an AM-SAFE Credentialed Operator. For instance BWE has been accredited under the AM-SAFE Safety Support Program. It means we are The Industry peak body, Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association Inc.(AALARA), as a compliant provider of amusement, leisure and recreation services. This is in accordance with the Best Practice standards, established as being most appropriate to ensure that businesses provide at all times, the best possible management, operation and duty of care to their clients, guests and staff.
  4. the amusement device provider supplied instructions on proper operation of the device. For example, if you are not using a BWE supervisor in your jumping castle hire, on booking we give you access to a safety video. The video details how to monitor/supervise the inflatable to ensure your users are safe. BWE ground crew will still deliver and install the inflatable;
  5. does the device fit the allocated area? Do, check that it is free of overhead power lines, overhanging trees, debris etc?

Also ensure that:

  1. is the device clean and in good working order?
  2. have all electrical leads, generators etc been appropriately inspected and tagged?
  3. did you inspect the device prior to allowing patrons to use it? For example, this is to ensure it has no tears, trip obstacles, and has appropriate safety signage;
  4. has the device been properly secured? Also, have you been given instructions about what to do if the wind picks up. For example, BWE will provide you with a wind meter. Use this to personally monitor wind conditions on the day. For any hire, deflate the device if the wind reaches 30km/hour. Or use a Beaufort Scale – click this Beaufort Scale link.

Finally ensure that:

  1. the installer has completed an installation checklist (BWE use an online checklist)? Go through this checklist with the operator to ensure it has been completed.
  2. have safety barriers been set up, where applicable?
  3. are impact absorbing safety mats, that are at least 50mm thick, placed at entry and exit points?
  4. have sponsors been suitably recognised on or near the device;
  5. is an emergency exit plan in place?
  6. are device risk assessments readily provided if required?
  7. has appropriate insurance coverage been arranged if you are not using the amusement hire company staff to supervise the activity?
  8. the device is stored safely prior to pick up by the amusement hire company at the end of the event.

Also, check out our new Blog about a Checklist for Hiring a Mechanical Bucking Bull.

About Bubbling With Energy (BWE)

Finally, please be aware that in any industry, including ours, there are fly by night and disreputable operators. They might be cheap, but will take safety short cuts. This will put you and your children or other guests at risk. Also, their equipment will not be well maintained or safe, their staff will not be appropriately trained. Furthermore, they will not have the correct insurance coverage.

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment (link) , have been in operation for over 27 years. Above all, we take pride in ensuring our equipment is safe and well maintained.  Our staff are trained to help you have the best event possible.

 Also please note that Bubbling With Energy is working towards becoming a carbon neutral company (see Blog). Be assured that we have a social responsibility to help protect the environment. Apart from installing solar panels on our buildings, we also recycle our jumping castles for repair material, and are training our staff in ways to foster better use of our natural environment. Every booking you make with BWE contributes to the planting of trees in reforestation projects.

Contact Bubbling With Energy:

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10 More Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas and tips you should try

10 More Brilliant School Fete Stall Ideas

This Blog follows on from our previous Blog called Brilliant School Fete Stall ideas and tips you should try.  Read it in conjunction with this one.

Need ideas for your school fete or carnival? Choose from these crowd-pleasing activities, marketing strategies and ideas!

1 All Day Ride Tickets

This one ranks highly among the More Brilliant Fete Ideas category. We have seen this done at many school fetes with great success.

Promote the Fete at least a month before the Fete date, and sell advance “All Day Ride” tickets for say $25. This allows ticket holders to ride any fete activity without paying more on the day. For a small fee, Bubbling With Energy can supply wrist bands for the All Day Ticket riders. This will ensure you have some advance funds prior to the event, and also ensures people turn up on the day.

On Fete Day, people can purchase the All Day Ride ticket for a higher price of say, $30.

You will need to set up a Ticket Booth for the event. Set up your own or we can supply it. Note – pre sales also ensure shorter lines at the ticket booth on Fete Day.

2 Food Glorious Food

Food is a great way to extend your fund raising. We have carnival food available such as Fairy Floss, Sno Cones and even a Popcorn machine.

Depending on the demographic of your school population, you can get parents to make (for sale) non messy foods such as spring rolls, samosas, or fish cakes etc, or the traditional sausage on a roll. Sell cans of drinks to go with the food.

3 Donation Bucket

Roster volunteers to stand at the entrance/exits of the Fete with a donation bucket to collect extra gold coins.

4 Performers

Here’s another brilliant fete stall idea. Invite a local dance group(s) to perform at the event and maybe set up a stall to advertise their dance group. This ensures more parents and family members come along. It’s also great for your pre Fete advertising.

5 Inflatable and Obstacle Course Sponsors

Invite say, a local Fitness Club to sponsor an inflatable jumping castle or obstacle course. We can attach their velcro backed signage to the amusement device they are sponsoring. As an added bonus, you can offer that they can do a fitness demonstration at the event.

Do ensure that any sponsors are acknowledged in event publicity.

6 Local Community Groups

Invite the local Scouts or Guides, Surf Lifesaving, and St Johns Ambulance to set up Recruitment Stalls at the Fete. They can do demonstrations of their particular activities e.g the St Johns or Surf Lifesaving volunteers can demonstrate how to use a defibrillator. Maybe the Scouts and Guides can teach dads and mums how to do a truckies hitch (a brilliant knot for tying loose materials to the family trailer).

All these extra people add to the excitement and fund raising opportunities of the event.

7 Amaze with the Maze

This is another brilliant fete idea. During Halloween a local school set up our Inflatable Maze as a Halloween Maze. You can guess what scary scenes were depicted in the maze dead end zones (excuse the pun). Depending on your event theme, it could be set up as an Australiana Maze, a Christmas in July Maze, a Learning Maze etc. It’s only restricted by your schools imagination.

8 Sports Skills Arena

Also under the more brilliant fete ideas category is a Sports Skills Arena. Children in your school undoubtedly play soccer, rugby league, basketball or even golf. Check out these Sports Inflatables which test the skills and stamina of your budding world champion players.

For the older event visitors, charge them to rodeo ride the mechanical bull, or any of our other “Mechanical” devices. All of these rides can have sponsors signage featured on them.

9 Sydney Water Stall

Invite Sydney Water to set up a stall to promote better water usage such as 4 minute showers. Maybe they will provide free water bottles.

10 Lucky Dip

What would a Fete be without a Lucky Dip? If you don’t want to make up your own, companies like Blueberry Express can supply Lucky Dip prizes. Set a reasonable fee for a dip in the Lucky Dip. Ensure you have a few larger prizes in there e.g a movie pass, a meat tray sponsored by a local butcher, a bottle of wine sponsored by the local bottle shop.


Bubbling With Energy Entertainment been in operation for over 27 years.

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School Fete Fundraising : Moving Away From Unfair Profit Share & Net Loss

School Fete Fundraising

School fete fund raising is a major activity of any school year. Fun and fund raising go well together for a school fete. With a variety of entertainment and with a good amount of income, your event will be a blast! However, holding a school fete isn’t all about just fun and sponsorship. It requires the school committee’s commitment, effort, time and wise planning.


School Fetes

School Fete Fundraising Budget: Managing the Budget to Avoid Net Loss

One of the worst things that will probably let down your school fete fundraising is a net loss. This is the result when expenses will be greater than the event’s income at the end of the celebration. In other words, planning for a successful school fete shouldn’t include hasty planning. Doing so will just put the school’s funds at risk.

Besides, you will need to select a good date and a venue, a school fete fundraising planning committee, a budget, and sponsors. You must also consider the task of successfully promoting the event. Most importantly, you will need an amusement operator/contractor.

Choosing an Amusement Operator for Your Event

A school fete is never complete without amusement rides. An amusement operator will provide this form of entertainment. Your choice of specific rides will mostly depend on the event’s target attendees.

  • Securing a Written Agreement with the Operator

Moreover, it’s not just all about focusing on amusement. The school’s planning committee should secure a written agreement with the commercial contractor. An agreement ensures the quality of the services to be provided, the safety and insurance, and the clear financial arrangement.

  • Weighing a Good Offer and a Bad Offer

Selecting an amusement operator is the most critical decision in holding a school fete event. Indeed, one of the common mistakes in holding a school fete is in the selection of an operator based on price alone. Always put in mind that the price is only as good as the quality of the services.

You must also be careful in choosing a contractor that might bait you with urgent offers. In fact, a good contractor will not pressure a customer to hurriedly avail their services. You need to make sure that the amount you’ll pay is justified by the quality of the services you’ll receive. By contracting with a reputable firm, you can reduce the risk of injuries and hassles that might occur during the event.

For more information check out our Blog called the Checklist for Hiring Amusement Devices.

School Fete Profit: Agreeing with a Fair Profit Share

You can book school fete fundraising amusement rides on either a Flat-Rate Hire or under an 80/20 Profit-Share Contract.

  • Flat-Rate Hire

When a school committee contracts a Flat-Rate Hire, the school pays a fixed fee for each amusement hired. Then, it retains all income from the sale of ride tickets and passes on the day. The committee handles all advertising and ticket sales, with their profit being Total Sales less Total Ride Hire.

With a Flat Rate, there is a potential for the school to earn funds as well. This profitability depends on the weather condition and the number of attendees. However, the school will pay the total fee regardless of whether the school will lose money or make a profit.

We find best practice for School Fete fundraising ticket sales is to offer a discounted wristband if they purchase it before the day. This locks in a vast majority before the day. Consequently, they will attend and it also provides the committee with cash flow prior to the day. Rain hail or shine those who have purchased wristbands before the day will turn up. On the day you would then sell the ride tickets at a premium to those who didn’t purchase beforehand.

  • 80/20 Profit-Share

This is an important consideration in school fete fundraising.

Alternatively, under an 80/20 Profit-Share arrangement, ride operators provide set up and supervise their attractions free of charge. At the completion of the event, the amusement operator pays the event organizer (school) 20% of total ride income. This will all come from the sale of tickets and/or ride passes.

On an 80/20 Commission, the hired operator gets 80% of the total income. This is a good option if the organizing committee wants to avoid the risk by leaving the financial obligation to the amusement provider. With this, the amusement operator accepts all risks as to weather, attendance, and income.

Which one is better? There are arguments either way but if you have a committed team you will generally find the flat rate hire is the better option.

Our Packages

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment can provide great school fete fundraising packages which can include fun and challenges for all ages. These include large jumping castles, inflatable obstacle courses, mechanical bulls, water slides. and dry slides.  We also have, tea cup and saucer and other rides and many more amusements that will fit into your school fete requirements. Many are listed here.

The committee might even consider one of our Ninja Warrior or Spartan packages, which will certainly attract the crowds. Remember the saying “if you build it they will come”. We can package an exciting package of amusements which will attract patrons of all ages.

Fairy Floss, Popcorn and Sno Cones is money making made simple

Don’t forget carnival food such as Fairy Floss, Popcorn and Sno Cones for your school fete fundraising event. Bubbling With Energy Entertainment can provide these machines. Your school can appoint volunteers to operate each machine. They give incredible profit margins per serve. Talk to one of our friendly staff for more details.

In conclusion, the decision on whether to choose a Flat-Rate Hire or an 80/20 Profit-Share will depend on two main things. These include the budget and the calculated risks that the planning committee will consider.

In a much brighter side, the school’s budget for the fundraising fete can come from sponsors. That’s a better way to kick-start the fun school fete fundraising activity.

About Bubbling With Energy

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment ,

have been in operation for over 27 years. Talk to us now about your next event.

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